Traffic Problem in Eskisehir

Traffic Problem in Eskişehir: Eskişehir Environment Association President Assoc. Dr. Güner Sümer, the city in recent months, the traffic problem is discussed, recalling that everyone, tram, high-speed train and automobiles talked, no one said that the pedestrian did not raise.
Sümer stated that pedestrians do not have the opportunity to walk safely because the pavements are used as a car park. There is a danger that people who use this motorcycle can collide with people at any time. It is a weakness of public authority to tolerate those who do not obey the traffic rules. Trafik
Noting that Turkey's Assoc almost anywhere in a motor vehicle excess and overwhelming superiority. Dr. Sumer said:
Gibi The question that comes to mind in the face of problems such as parking cars on the sidewalks is whether the police or municipalities are responsible. In the face of the complaint, the traffic police argued that the sidewalks remained outside their respective fields of duty. If a vehicle strikes a person on the sidewalk, the traffic police will stay in the audience. What about the occupation of the sidewalks of shops, grocery stores and restaurants? The pedestrian in this case does not know how to walk because he cannot find space to walk. Most of the accidents caused by ice that cannot be cleaned during the winter season disrupt pedestrians. As a result, providing pedestrians with confidence and comfort in pedestrian sidewalks is an important expression of respect and civilization.

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