The Problem of Traffic in Eskişehir

The Problem in Traffic Flow in Eskişehir: In a written statement made by the Provincial Police Department, the infrastructure works related to the construction of the YHT line, especially the infrastructure works related to the Station Bridge, the road maintenance and repairs in different parts of the city, the traffic flow in the parts where the intermediate arteries intersect with the tramway and highways. stated to affect.
In the statement, which included the statements "Traffic is a phenomenon created by people, vehicles and the road together", the following was reported:
“Public institutions fulfill their duties within the framework of their field of duty. Existing problems should be handled seriously and solutions should be determined and executed. The Provincial Police Department does its part in traffic services as well as in all matters that fall within its scope of duty and responsibility, and fulfills its duty completely, regardless of the concept of overtime and time. Our activities are announced to the public from time to time through press releases, but the number of our employees in urban traffic is not 200. Our 140 employees, who are actually working, work in shifts with 50 employees per day. It is not possible to solve the traffic problem radically with police measures. "
In the statement, it was pointed out that the authority and duty to make regulations regarding traffic in Eskişehir belong to the Metropolitan Municipality and the Transportation and Coordination Center, and it was emphasized that if efforts are made to solve traffic problems, the Provincial Police Department will deem it a duty to provide all kinds of contributions and support.

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