Description of Erzurum Giaddan Train

Erzurum Giaddan High Speed ​​Train Description: Erzurum Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Association Chairman Mehmet Nuri Alim, Erzurum economy and tourism in terms of the importance of the high-speed train in the region will play a very important place in the revival of all activities and the development of the region, he said.
Stating that such an investment in Erzurum will have a positive impact on the entire Eastern Anatolia region, Alim said, “This project, in other words, the high-speed train project to Erzurum is a project that will save our western regions from migration pressure. The high-speed train project, which is important for Erzurum, means that it will further increase the economic and tourism potential of Erzurum. Therefore, it is an important study. We should strive for ministers, governors, deputies, non-governmental organizations to voice this work more frequently and not to fall off the agenda in order to achieve success in the project. We, as Erzurum Young Entrepreneur Businessmen Association, will gladly do our part in this regard. But the relevant authorities should take this support behind them and make their initiatives. "The high-speed train, which is ready for all kinds of projects, should be carried out tightly so that the construction tender is not only postponed," he said.
Erzurum-Ankara between the 7 hours, Erzurum-Istanbul between the shortening of the 10 hours will increase the popularity of the railway, such as Erzurum, which will contribute to a great contribution to tourism in Alim, ise High-speed train 100 with a population of 1000 people from Erzincan to Izmir, Bursa 'and the Antalya Airport, where there are direct flights to Antalya and the Winter Sports and Tourism Center with a population of 12 thousand people to Izmir, Bursa and Antalya, such as a day of flights to the major cities of the week is a great loss for Erzurum Kış he said.
Turkey's statistical agency According to the data of address based population registration system maximum population living outside of Erzurum in Erzurum Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and scholars explaining that in Ankara, "East of the capital, Palandöken Turkey's most important ski resort in Turkey where the first Universiade Olympics Departures from the city Erzurum to İzmir, Antalya and Bursa create a great problem. It will be a great comfort to have no direct departures and arrivals at least once a week. Authorities should start their work for high speed train and non-stop flights, which are vital for Erzurum. " He spoke in the form.

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