Bursan's new cable car line is waiting for Erdogan to open

Erdogan's new cable car line waiting for the opening Bursan: The world's longest cable car system as Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for Uludag built 8.6 kilometer line in Turkey is waiting for the opening. When the station building in Sarıalan is delayed due to permits, the system is expected to be commissioned within one month. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also plans to open a new ropeway in a ceremony during the visit of the Prime Minister to Bursa in November.
Italian Lietner firm 30 for the annual use of the Uludag ropeway in the Teferrüç-Sarıalan part of the 29 was scheduled to be put into service on October. Helicopters were erected with new poles on the slopes of Uludağ. The ropes tightened. All of the cabins were brought to Turkey. However, the existing building in Sarıalan station had to be expanded a little more than the new system and a different area had to be built for the cabinets to be stocked.
The relevant facilities were expected from the Natural Heritage Commission for the facility in Sarıalan. The bureaucracy stepped in for this decision. Provincial Directorate of Urbanism and Environment operating within the Natural Assets Commission gave the positive opinion last week. The decision was made on Monday. However, the decision will be made on Wednesday in the October 30 notification to the company Lietner. As long as the Lietner construction team allows weather conditions, the building of the building in Sarıalan will be able to start 1 from November.
During the visit of Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu to Uludağ, the company officials made a brief information about the new ropeway. They said that everything was ready for the operation of the system, but that building the building where the cabins would be kept is needed, with the 20 and 30 daily time. If the weather conditions are soft and rainy, the building will be completed in 1 months and the system can be commissioned. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality also aims to open the cable car line during the visit of the Prime Minister to Bursa in November.
In the meantime, the new ropeway system Teferrüç, Kadıyayla, Sarıalan and Hotels buildings will be with 4 legs. However, only 1 buildings can be put into service during the 3 month.
As it is known, the decision was made to stop the execution for the line between Sarumlu and Oteller with the applications of Doğader and Bursa Bar. In this region, the 4.2 kilometer of the 3 kilometer has been opened. Around 200 the tree could not be cut in a thousand 100 meters. Bursa-Hotel, which will be recorded as the longest ropeway in the world, will be taken to Uludağ by the cable car. The cabins will be in a small style, in contrast to the old, with the standard cabin 300 küçüker personality VIP and 4.
The world's Liet establishing plants in many parts of the Italian firm, because it is made of representatives from Bursa in Turkey for the first time in Turkey-operate-transfer method of doing business with. In addition, with the permission of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs within the framework of the new ropeway, the daily use of the hotels will be put into service at the Hotel Area Kurbalıkaya. A shopping center building in Teferrüç will provide mobility to the neighborhood. In Kadıyayla, with the commissioning of the new ropeway, the municipal facilities will be made available to the citizens.

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