Marmaray in contact with Vodafone Turkey Made Easy

Marmaray in contact with Vodafone Turkey Made Easy: Vodafone Turkey, where he has added a new mobile network to continuously invest and began offering communication services to its subscribers in the Marmaray. Vodafone Turkey so will allow subscribers to communicate the railway will bring a new breath of life to the city.
Vodafone network in Turkey, Istanbul Strait underneath the earth's continents Marmaray connects gives GSM services. With the opening of the Marmaray ready to use that network to its subscribers, Vodafone Turkey in parallel so that their subscribers can communicate the railway will bring a new breath of life to the city. Vodafone Turkey Marmaray thus exceeding the 99 percent coverage rate in the country was also to have included in the coverage.
Vodafone Turkey Hasan Süel Executive Vice President, said the following on the subject:
"Vodafone Turkey, we provide our subscribers to communicate with the latest technology in the world of quality. By providing unconditional customer satisfaction we aim to be the most recommended brand by Turkey's telecommunications subscribers. Vodafone Turkey and we rely on our network as we continue our investment in cutting speed. Since 3G started to serve in 2009, we have invested a total of 4 billion TL network in 4,4 annually including license fee. We spread the most advanced technology in the world 3G 81 Turkey's strong investment in our province this. We increased our 2G coverage rate to over 99. Our subscribers using the public transport networks are benefiting freely from Istanbul with Turkey's powerful network communications services Vodafone Turkey, Vodafone said in underground subway lines, such as the funicular and we provide GSM services. We are pleased to offer our subscribers communication services in Marmaray, which connects the continents with the railway. We will continue to develop the services and products that provide the satisfaction of our consumers, respond to their needs and offer the world's most advanced technology. Tük
Turkcell recently announced its efforts on the subject and

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