This is how the world has announced

This is how the world announced Marmara: Marmaray, which will connect Asia and Europe by rail from under the sea, is opened today. How has announced large projects around the world finds place on the agenda in Turkey?
The opening of Marmaray, which will connect Asia and Europe by rail under the sea, has had a wide impact in the world press from Europe to China and Brazil.
Reuters news agency, Turkey noted that the two continents opened its first railway tunnel under the sea that connects. In the news, he noted that the project that the Ottoman sultans dreamed more than a hundred years ago was carried out by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
In the news, which gave technical information about the giant project in Istanbul, the largest city in Europe, the statements of Minister Binali Yıldırım will be linked with the project and the continents of the Silk Road.
Marmaray project of the mega Reuters, indicating that the scope of Turkey's construction will change the face of unprecedented move, Channel Istanbul, the third airport, Çamlıca Mosque, nuclear power plants, projects singled out as the third bridge.
'The project connecting London and Beijing'
British broadcasting company BBC told us that with the Marmaray project, which was started in 2004, Üsküdar and Sirkeci on both sides of the Bosphorus are connected by a tube passage built under the sea with the technique of immersion.
Pointing out that the total length of the section between Kazlıçeşme on the European side and Ayrılıkçeşme on the Anatolian side is 13,6 kilometers, BBC said, “By the completion of the project, it was aimed to create a total network of 70 kilometers by integrating with suburban and metro lines on both the Anatolian and European sides. These departments will not come into play yet. ”
'Asia and Europe merged from under the sea tunnel'
The leading television channel of the USA, CNN, gave a wide coverage to the opening ceremony of Marmaray. "For the first time, Asia and Europe merged with a tunnel under the sea," Kanal said on its website. used expressions.
The report, Turkey is located on two continents of the project, which cost billions of dollars was pointed out that rail combine for the first time under the sea. Citing the opening speech of Erdogan, CNN underlined that the project is a dream from the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Abdulmecid of the Republic of Turkey on the 90th anniversary of the dream brought to life in the news, the tunnel of the world are experiencing the most intense ship traffic was reminded that pass under the Istanbul Strait.
In the news, which recorded that 15 million people live in Istanbul, the financial center of the region, it was emphasized that 2 million people switch between continents on a daily basis. The world's leading news channel, "Marmaray, from Turkey to China to ensure uninterrupted rail transport is being described as an important link on the modern Silk Road," he said.
On the other hand, New York Times newspaper said, "The city, which defines itself as a geographic junction between the West and the East with its minarets erected on the horizon over the silhouette of the Bosporus, is a place where European and Anatolian steppe cultures are intertwined." Logged in.
'150 years of dream come true'
written in Chinese media, the news served as a visual and photo Turkey's Marmaray establishment of the Turkish state, which will open at the 90th Anniversary of the 150-year dream that has taken the headlines.
The Chinese official Xinhua agency has announced to its subscribers that the Marmaray project will be officially opened today.
The newspaper of the People's Daily, the official publication of the Chinese Communist Party, announced to its readers that the Marmaray tunnel, which will connect Beijing and London, will be officially opened today. The length of the tunnel, which will be opened today, is 13,6 kilometers, and 75 thousand passengers per hour will move between the two continents.
Zhong Hua internet news site also reports "Turkey's 150-year dream, Turkey's opening the first tunnel connecting Asia and Europe," announced the headline to the reader. The Ankara administration emphasized that the Ottoman Sultan Abdülhamit has succeeded in implementing the 150-year project, and the statements of Prime Minister Erdoğan were also included.
Hong Kong-based Feng Huang television also featured images of Marmaray. Japanese Prime Minister Abe's news recorded participate in the opening of the Marmaray project in Turkey, a large number of historical monuments also revealed that the project was taken into account. TV, Turkey's "project linking Beijing with London" as announced in the news, drew attention to be equivalent to the Marmaray opening day Republic Day.
'Marmaray may be a solution to traffic'
Belgium's De Standaard newspaper, Marmaray, which is the first intercontinental tunnel, stated that Istanbul will also connect the European and Asian sides. In the news of the newspaper, “The tunnel is expected to be a remedy for citizens who are tired of traffic in Istanbul. The Bosphorus could only be crossed by two bridges and ferries that existed before the tunnel. ” expressions were used.
Found in Brazilian media
The Marmaray project, which was opened on the Republic Day after its construction that lasted for nearly ten years, also made a statement in the Brazilian media.
National television channels and newspapers in the news in the 150 years to be performed for the project's architect to be an Ottoman sultan, while the project was awarded to cooperate with Japan. During the construction phase of the project, the media mentioned the importance of underground historical heritage and pointed out that the tunnel will connect two continents.
Ukrainian press found wide resonance
The Marmaray project, which combines Asia and Europe with the railroad under the sea, has found wide echo in the Ukrainian media. Numerous television and radio channels, newspapers, news sites in the country; brought the development as breaking news.
Ukraine's official state news agency 'Ukrinform' news: It served its subscribers with the title that the subway will pass under the Bosphorus. The technical features of Marmaray, which is described as a railway tunnel, were included. It was stated that the project was called the 'Modern Silk Road' stretching from China to Western Europe.
Uryadovıy Kuryer, the official newspaper of the Prime Ministry of Ukraine, said; He gave the title, “The deepest submarine tunnel in the world was opened in Istanbul today”. The article emphasized that Marmaray united the continent of Europe and Asia, while mentioning the historical works that emerged during the production. It was stated that the opening took place on the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.
The country's most important financial portal is the news; Marmaray, which passes under the Bosphorus and is unmatched, cost $ 5 billion. It was noted that rail systems were connected from London to Beijing with the Turkish-Japanese consortium.

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