The sea was finally seen, Marmaray ready for landing

Deniz has finally appeared, Marmaray is ready to open: While the final preparations are underway at the project of the century, Marmaray, which will be opened on October 29, the construction panels in Üsküdar Square were removed yesterday. Üsküdar's new image has emerged.
In Üsküdar Square, the sea was seen with the removal of iron screens that had been disconnecting from the outside world for 10 years.
Days before its opening, the final inspection was made in Marmaray, where the work was accelerated. In the inspection carried out by the Presidential Protocol Directorate delegation, many points were reviewed, from the session order to the stage, from the area where the citizen would stand to the working areas of the press. The delegation, accompanied by Üsküdar District Governor Mustafa Güler and Üsküdar Mayor Mustafa Kara, later held a mini dinner meeting with the Japanese delegation. It was stated that a 20-person Japanese delegation, which will also be attended by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, accompanied the delegation of the Protocol Directorate for this reason.
While the finishing touches are being made in the 'Project of the Century', which is being prepared for the grand opening on October 29, feverish work continues at the stations and squares. Areas that have been dominated by construction equipment and construction noise for 10 years and where traffic is not missing are preparing to become a square park after the opening. Especially the construction site in Üsküdar, which has negatively affected life with its traffic and noise for 10 years, started to show the new Üsküdar Square in its last days. The square, where the roads started to change after the new square arrangement, became Üsküdar's new beach park with its green appearance. More than 10 trees and saplings were planted in the square where the obstacle in front of the sea view was removed with the removal of the iron screens that had cut the connection with the outside world for 50 years. Likewise, Yenikapı Square, which has been full of noise for years, has also gained its final appearance.
Cisr-i Enbubi documentary
With the opening of Marmaray, the dream of Sultan Abdülhamit to connect the Bosphorus under the sea will also come true. The documentary about "Cisr-i Enbubi", which Abdülhamid worked hard to make and is among the first tube parade projects in the world, is also planned to be shown at the opening ceremony of Marmaray. Metin Hülagü, the President of the Turkish Historical Society, who prepared the documentary, stated that one of the most striking projects designed during the Ottoman Empire period was the Cisr-i Enbubi (tube passage). This means that the sultans are open to innovations, 'he said.

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