Trains were caught in the railway

Thieves Stealing Railroad Equipment Arrested: 2 person who was stealing iron nut, stub, handcuffs and rail pieces from the depot of State Railways in Torbalı was caught. The event took place the night before the 21.30 queues in the Muratbey neighborhood. GA and RD, who stole from the land where materials belonging to FDI were stealing, wanted to return to their homes and met with the police on the way. Police stopped people who were unaware that they had been carrying out a strict practice on horse-drawn carriages in the evening. Hidden behind carts under the cart, the police saw the materials in the sack and detained them. 2 people were taken to the police station and confessed to their crimes. Seized materials were delivered to DDY, while the carriage was held at the police station for a while.

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