Here's the cost of the Marmaray

Here is the cost of Marmaray: Transport and Maritime Minister Binali Yıldırım said that the cost of Marmaray was 8 billion TL.
Transport and Maritime Minister Binali Yıldırım told NTV about Marmaray, which will be opened tomorrow, at Yenikapı station. Yıldırım said the cost of Marmaray was 8 billion TL. Here are some highlights from Yıldırım's statement: - The first thing that caught our attention was the replicas on the wall and a small museum was opened in the back. Are these those found during the excavation? The Marmaray project is a project that rewrites the history of Istanbul. During the construction of the Marmaray, important findings were found that took the history of Istanbul from 6 thousand to 8 thousand 500 years. In this sense, 35 thousand pieces of historical artifacts were unearthed. There is no possibility to exhibit all of these here. Some of the replicas are exhibited at the Yenikapı station as of the times. However, 35 thousand artifacts are depicted one by one by experts, branded tags are prepared and then these will be exhibited in a museum to be established in this area.
-150 is an annual dream. How much did it cost? Where will it go from?
In the 1860s, Sultan Abdülmecit was Sultan Abdülhamit Han who only thought and designed but took the step towards real Marmaray. In 2, in 1892, in 1902, he had projects prepared by the French, British and Germans. All were interrupted when he was dethroned in 1904. At the end of the 1909s of the Republic, the project came to the fore and disappeared.
In the period of the late Ozal period, the subject of tube passage was again on the agenda, but at that time a project on the passage of the vehicles was worked on: In the future, it became a rail system, and in the 1999, Ecevit, the prime minister of the period for the rail system transition with the Japanese, signed a principle contract. . Then the project with 99 earthquake has been halted. For the preparation of projects, which have been consulted a while before our power. When we took office, we did the tender for CR1, CR2, CR3 Marmaray project consisting of three sections. We are opening the part of Marmaray which constitutes the main body of the 5 kilometer section, which starts from Ayrılıkçeşme and consists of 14 station which is in our station, which covers the Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı stations, and which are in the form of two tubes under the sea, which are completely under the sea.
- Later?
After Kazlıçeşme HalkalıWe have suburban lines up to. Likewise, the suburban lines from Ayrılıkçeşme to Gebze are completely renewed, and with their activation in this way, Marmaray will work in public transportation and at the same time it will be possible to pass passenger and freight trains between cities and countries. This will die in 2 years.
- When these things are opened, people first have security considerations. It's like under the sea, if the water's leaking. Why such a security problem comes to mind.
This is natural, so people are afraid of the tunnel, the darkness. But yesterday we had a group of journalist writers and we came down in the middle of the throat, very comfortable. They had no fear. This type of important and engineering property is more than the structure is done by breaking the accounts. Seismicity, fire, safety, leakage calculations were performed completely.
This project is currently the first in the world to go through the deepest of the sea. As it is a project that combines two continents, it is a first. This project is a project that will serve 1-1 and a half million people in a day by means of public transportation from the Anatolian side to the European side, and we are talking about a project where passengers and freight trains can pass between cities. That is why the fire system is specially tailored, the safety system specially planned accordingly. This is a project that has been calculated according to the severity of 8-9 in a possible Istanbul earthquake. The question daha Marmaray is safer if your home is safer ”is undoubtedly daha Marmaray güvenli.
The possibility of being too weak, but in the event of a leak, the automatic closures are closed, but there are stimulating probes from the 125 point before it is recorded in the Kandilli observatory. When necessary, necessary warnings and precautions are taken.
- I was not a professor if I was wrong; There was a claim that there would be a problem with signaling when the three zones were activated before the three zones were completed.
According to this idea, we should not be able to run the train systems from China to London without completing them all. In Istanbul, metro systems are built and commissioned. Each part is receiving the signal system, backup device in itself. Let's say you have added another module to integrate it into this system.
- Is it fully integrated with other transportation?
With this project, he can get off at Ayrılıkçeşme, which takes a ride from Kartal, can get on Marmaray and come to Üsküdar, Sirkeci, Yenikapı. You can pass from Yenikapı to Bağcılar by rail system or from Beyazıt. KabataşHe can go to Taksim with funicular. But after the New Year, it is possible to pass from Yenikapı station to Yenikapı, Şişhane, Taksim, Levent, Maslak metro. Therefore, Marmaray forms the main backbone in the rail system of Istanbul's public transportation.
- What does it cost? Also, when doing this, why may anyone say that it was not made from Beşiktaş?
Naturally, the geological structure, the depth of the Bosphorus, travel routes in Istanbul were considered in detail. The approximate cost of the part we will open tomorrow is 5 and a half billion TL. But on top of that there is the improvement of the suburban lines. He is also about 2 and a half billion TL. So there is a cost of around 8 billion. These projects are not considered for the purpose of profit, but if the profits do not waste time on roads in Istanbul, this is the profit. In Istanbul, the amount of fuel and labor losses incurred by bridges on the Anatolian side only to Europe is 3 and a half billion TL.
- Will it serve the purpose of expanding Marmaray railways?
If there are still any Istanbulites in Üsküdar from Sirkeciye to go with their car, there is no explanation for this. When 3 has to go in minutes, we will get up from there and we will be going to the bridges from there.
- What about the fee?
1 scheduled flights will begin in November. If he rides to Marmaray for the first time, an Istanbulite will pay 1.95. But let's say that it came down from Kartal subway, from Ayrılıçeşme to Marmaray, there will be a discount 1.40. Students are cheaper. IstanbulKart will also apply here.
- Are there other projects? It's not just Istanbul.
There are many projects. Immediately there is a new tube passage project south of this project 300 meters, but for those alone vehicles. Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge project continues. 3.havaliman continues, we have improved the work of Kanal Istanbul.
Istanbul's rail system projects are increasing in quantity. 5 will be in Istanbul 400 over a period of one year. The problem of traffic in Istanbul is to a great extent relax. With the commissioning of Marmaray only, the share of the rail system will increase by 20 in Istanbul. This is a 15 million-day mobility, we consider a project that will appeal to an audience of 3 million.
Tomorrow we will have two feasts together. There are many people involved in the realization of this project. We would like to thank everyone for our politicians and bureaucrats who have been interested in the project from Sultan Abdülhamit to today. But we would like to thank especially the Prime Minister who gave us the greatest support in starting and concluding the project. 100 is a transportation team of a thousand people and I feel a great pleasure to be involved in such a project. I wish the project to be beneficial to Istanbul and to our country.
There will be rumors, there will be those who want to shrink the project, there will be those who want to scribble, but we can tolerate them. We can not tolerate anything, do not scare people, do not shy.

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