Çorumun Railway Request

Çorum's Railway Demand: AK Party Çorum MP Cahit Bağcı said, “We are acting with the awareness that Çorum's main project is railway.” In his written statement, Bağcı stated that the feasibility, EIA approval and project project phases of the Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun Railway line have been completed, but there are implementation and financing problems. Stating that they are working with the awareness that the most basic project of the city, as Çorum Deputies, is the railway, Bağcı, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, will make a total of 10 thousand kilometers of High Speed ​​Train lines in the next 10 years and in this context, the provinces around Samsun will High-speed train will reach up to the words Recalling said: "I express Turkey's nearly 2023 years as a member of Parliament representing a serving member of the ruling party and Çorum to every corner of; we have never exhibited a deceptive, lively, displacing and day-saving discourse, method and policy style. We have voiced this rightful request in every environment, including our party assembly, bureaucracy and the supreme parliament. ” Stating that the 11-kilometer railway line between Kırıkkale-Çorum-Samsun has been completed, the feasibility, EIA approval, and the community project stages have been completed, Bağcı said, “It is very important for the region and our country, not only for Çorum, but also for the implementation of this project, which will enable our country to reach its 280 goals. The project needs to be completed and the financing problem needs to be resolved. We act with the awareness that the most basic project of Çorum is the railway. ”

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  1. The benefit of this YHT line will be on the tourism capacity of Turkey and TRNC. as follows; After about 5-6 years in Russia, the high-speed railway, which is under construction, will be put into service between Moscow and the city of Adler (Russia's Antalya), which is very close to Samsun on the Black Sea, by sea. Considering that the Russian tourists coming from here to Samsun by sea are transported from Samsun to the Aegean, Mediterranean and TRNC by YHT, it is a very serious problem for our country. kazanIt is clear that it will occur. If YHT lines are built between Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Antalya and Ankara Mersin Taşucu together with Samsun Ankara YHT, the number of tourists coming to our country from Russia and the Caucasus will increase at least 5 times. kazanIt will mean 5 times increase in cin. For this reason, samsun, izmir, antalya and mersin projects should definitely be supported.