Accurate signaling resolves traffic jams in Istanbul

Correct signaling solves the traffic confusion in Istanbul: Experts stated that the formation of vehicle queues that last for hours, especially at the end of working hours, can only be avoided by shifting the road transport to the sea and rail system and operating the traffic lights correctly.
In recent years, the problem of traffic coming to Istanbul inextricable experts, sea transport and rail systems can be found with the solution says. The experts claim that traffic congestion can be reduced by a percentage of 30 if the signaling is implemented correctly, and that urban planning should be implemented effectively.
Every day, in Istanbul, where the 500 new vehicle is in traffic, it may take hours even in the recent period to cover a few kilometers.
According to experts, the cause of traffic intensity, unplanned urbanization and lack of integrated transport network. For experts, the solution is to control migration and to expand the rail system. The reasons and the solution of the traffic problem that paralyzed life in Istanbul were given by Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Murat Ergün from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering. Dr. Ergun Gedizdoglu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)? Dr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, retired academic member of ITU Transportation Department. Dr. We asked İnal Seçkin.
'10 year is no more unsolved'
Asserting that there is no other way than the rail system to solve the traffic problem. Dr. Murat Ergün, ası The closure of the smallest strip on the highways affects every place. 3. The bridge also has no use. This is due to the fact that transportation planning is not carried out by experts and transportation decisions are political. After years of 10 the problem will be more unsolvable. X
Professor Dr. Ergun Gedizoğlu argued that the network of railways intended to be constructed by the IMM is not the product of a planned study, and iz 90's reports have been prepared by experts since the years. If one of them is implemented, traffic will be comfortable today. Maps prepared by IMM with an abstract set of lines can paint the public eye, but it cannot be applied in real terms. The rail network is not connected. There is no transportation network in Istanbul. You have to walk the 1-1,5 km at the places where the transmission is. It is imperative to establish a stable network. One of the waiting times is too long and the lights are irregular. If the signaling is implemented correctly, the traffic may be reduced by 30 percentage trafik.
1 strip for mass transportation
Stating that there was an uncontrolled population increase in Istanbul. Dr. Inal Seçkin also said: şehir After this minute, city planning should be given great importance. The future of Istanbul cannot be avoided. Rail transportation should be increased for the solution. Railways should be given more importance than roads. ”
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's transport consultant. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı also de There are one or two people in the cars in the traffic. We almost never use sea transportation. The solution is the ultimate destination for anywhere in the subway. One of the short-term solutions is to separate a lane on highways into vehicles such as cars, minibuses and buses carrying more than 3 passengers. Thus the density decreases by 30 percent. Also full smart junctions should be made. There will not be a traffic light burning 70 seconds over the ground. If these are done, traffic is severely relaxed Bunlar.

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