Konya is preparing a new era of transportation

Konya is preparing a new era of transportation: Konya is preparing a new era of transportation. 1 15 XNUMX which was announced before the festival and completed by Skoda came to Konya in October
One of the most important steps taken by the Metropolitan Municipality in this area, which is prepared for radical changes in Konya's transportation network, the new trams were completed by the producer company and sent to Konya. 1 pieces tram 15, which was built by Skoda and completed by the contractor firm, came to Konya in October. Radical changes will be made in the transportation of Konya in parallel with the new trams joining the transportation fleet.
As is known, a second tram line in Konya is planned from Alaaddin Hill to the new Courthouse area. It was learned that the existing trams are planned to be taken on this line and new trams will start on the Alaaddin-University route. On the other hand, the turnstile system will be introduced with the new trams. Trams from under Kültürpark to the Kent Plaza stop will run underground just like the metro system. Thus, transportation to Bosnia and university stops will be accelerated.

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