Caglayan, Mersin 6. International Trade Fair for Logistics and Transport (Video)

Caglayan, Mersin 6. International Logistics and Transport Fair attended the opening: Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, dı We reach, we can not reach. We catch up, but we can not catch 500 billion target Turkey's importance will be able to get very comfortable with this infrastructure which have been caught today ...
Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan, “We reach, we can not reach. We catch up, but we can not catch 500 billion dollars Turkey's target is an important goal to achieve very comfortable with this infrastructure to be caught today, "he said.
Caglayan, Yenisehir Fairgrounds Mersin 6. The talk at the opening of the International Logistics and Transportation Fair, said last 10 years, Turkey's unforeseenly economic success showed, exports boosted 4,5 floor, the economy is the 3,5 times larger, have surged over the floor 3 of national income.
Emphasizing the importance of the level reached, but not enough that the waterfall, 2023 is trying to catch the objectives expressed.
On the one hand political stability to the economy growing other hand, the democratic rights of Turkey, individual rights and freedoms, freedom of thought on the point of being a country next to the most advanced intensive efforts Caglayan underlined that exerted today's economy, infrastructure and physical folding 10 next 3 years stressed the work done.
Turkey waterfall in the world of logistics has a significant place is striking, "refer to countries in central Turkey took 4 56 country full hour flight from there. In this 56 country 4ori 1ori live in the world population, 1,5 billion people live in this geography. The 3 of 1 of the world trade is generated in this geography. I'm talking about an 25 trillion-dollar income. Almost half of the total world trade, that is, the 9 trillion-dollar purchase is formed here. Toplam
Cagle, such an economic environment in the coming 10 500 billion dollars a year in the future, said the aim of removing, said:
Iz We reach, we can't reach. We catch up, but we can not catch 500 billion dollars Turkey's target is an important goal to achieve very comfortable with this infrastructure which have been caught today. We target the ratio of exports to imports as 80. This means that the total foreign trade volume of Turkey, telling only trade in goods will exceed $ 10 1,1 trillion years after that. 1,1 trillion dollars into transportation infrastructure and logistics infrastructure which will enable the economy to a logistics cluster and they are in need of urgent Turkey. This meeting is therefore extremely important and is one of the top priorities of our government. Bu
-Logistics background
Çağlayan stated that they need to make significant infrastructure investments in the logistics sector and that 10 should increase their logistics substructure capacity to 2 by 2050 and 4 should increase to XNUMX by XNUMX.
Caglayan, to grow the transportation infrastructure and reporting needs for the coming year 10 110 billion dollars will be held to answer to spending, "Turkey transportation within 2023 target, until it locks into the center of the logistics business has put it. Whether thank Turkey today has Europe's most powerful land transport fleet. 1,5 million t per year once it reaches Turkey is a country number. Yet Turkey airport 68, 76 is a country which has a port, "he said.
Caglayan, describing the point reached in the transportation area, logistics centers are among the sine qua non for the Ministry of Economy, the center of Mersin for the establishment of this center accept the task itself, he said.
Caglayan underlined that the logistics center is attached to bureaucratic obstacles and said: ın I talked to the deputy governor. Dear deputy governor, you are collecting the board immediately and reviewing all issues related to the establishment of the logistics center and taking the positive decision and making the statement of construction together, yardım he said.
Emphasizing that the private sector can accept the clumsiness of the bureaucracy is not in question, and he would not accept it, stressing Caglayan, "Absolute practice of the private sector is an indispensable instant fulfillment of the request," he said.
Caglayan, the private sector by explaining the contributions, the private sector is blocking all the events that will obstruct the said.
Mersin transportation and logistics infrastructure investments will contribute to the city economy, indicating that a great waterfall, the Mediterranean Sea's most important trade transfer center said that they will do.
-Ro-Ro flights
Ro-Ro voyages blocked the Syrian channel transported to Egypt to remind the Turkish producers to contribute to the Minister Caglayan, said:
Ir In terms of logistics, the level we have reached in Ro-Ro is extremely important. Last year compared to the previous year, Mersin-Ro-Ro flights increased by 45. Turkey's economy, a figure much higher than the growth in Turkey. In such an environment develops Turkey's logistics infrastructure, we need to put in Mersin, Turkey's state play a leading role on this issue in the best way from one side. We must do so with local government and non-governmental organizations, without distinction between the ruling party and the opposition. The World Bank Logistics Performance Index annually publishes the countries' performance index. In the 2010 155 39 country of Turkey. It was in order. 2012 in 27. we are now in 2015 22. In order to move in, 2023 also take part in the world's first 15. Turkey and Mersin worthy of this. "
Caglayan, Turkey's European stressing that the starting point of the economic downturn, said:
“We are such a strong and dynamic country. We are aware of our power and we have a structure that we can evaluate in the best way. If you are offering the right product, the right amount, the right manufacturer, the right consumer, at the right time, you are already in the country's way. Turkey 'this infrastructure and enhancing economic development, maintain the structure of the world economic crisis has challenged the perseverance and determination. Turkey is a country with less debt 24 in the country in terms of European public indebtedness. "
Democratization Package was announced by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Çağlayan said that he was in a democratization period when people would not be questioned because of their identities, beliefs, ethnic origin and clothing.
Caglayan, 5 company from the 39 company participated in the opening fair, he added.
Following the opening speeches, the Minister Caglayan, the Netherlands Peel en Maas city Mayor Wilma Delissen and closed with the delegation met with the press.



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