New vehicles are coming to Bursa T1 tram line

Bursa T1 new line of vehicles coming to the line: T-1 tram line service in the past days with the 2 vehicles continue without any problems, indicating that the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, until the beginning of November 3 announced that the vehicle will enter service.
Metropolitan Municipality's October meeting was held in the historical building of Sculpture. Prior to the meeting in the last month, the Mayor Recep Altepe, who informed the members of the parliament about the work carried out, also answered the questions posed to him. Having shared the developments in the T-1 tram line recently, President Altepe emphasized that Bursa met the tram line for the first time in a year after 115. Substation Garage, Darmstad Street, Altiparmak, Sculpture, Inonu Street and Uluyol T-1 line covering the voyage started recently and continue without any problems, President Altepe, so far 70 thousand passengers on the ticket is moving, he said.
Noting that there is a serious problem apart from small disruptions, President Altepe said, bulundu Hopefully, we won't have any trouble after that. Our vehicles are currently full. We carry around 200 passengers every time. I hope to reduce the intensity of the trip this Saturday and the third, 10-13 it will be the fourth day after the fourth and in the beginning of November will be our fifth vehicle. 6. Our vehicle will serve as a spare. arac
He said the T-1 line pulled back the 100 vehicle from the city traffic, which made serious contributions to the air quality, and said that they had come face to face with the construction and operation of the T-1 line, which is technically the most demanding line. Lightning, called T-2, called the T-3 and T-4 line called the Terminal lines are largely completed, waiting for the new period to take action President Altepe, ve I hope to spread to all parts of Bursa, integrated with the metro lines The rail system we bring will bring great relief to inner city transportation. All materials including lightning and terminal lines are also available. Likewise, our work on the Grasshopper line is also continuing. Hopefully, all these studies will start in 2014 year, İn he said.
Mayor Recep Altepe thanked the residents of T-1 tram lines. T-1 line at that every day ticketed about 6 thousand passengers transported, the occupancy rate of the vehicle door to be reflected emphasizing the President Altepe, "that our work is an example to Turkey, really Bursa has contributed in every respect. Our people got it and soon got used to it. Although the expeditions started a few days ago, we are not currently in the process of parking. We have provided trouble-free service even on the most intense feast days. En
The Altintaş announced that the construction of the cable car will continue and the flights will start at 30 as of October and the waterfall at Altıparmak will be completed by the 29-3 day.

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