Bolu will look at the train from a distance

Bolu will look at the fast train from afar: Bolu and its province, located almost in the middle of Ankara and Istanbul, attract the inconvenience of congestion everywhere. No matter how much we lecture, we talk about Bolu's natural beauties, tourism variations and thermal phenomena, none of them can bring our Bolu to other provinces. All these years, I'm a writer. I did not see and hear that the Bolu efkar-ı public and the Bolu executives who had to fall in front of them had achieved any success for the benefit of Bolu.
Recently, with a hope of hope, we wanted Bolu to be revolted for the High Speed ​​Railway system planned between Ankara and Istanbul, and we wrote articles that voiced the rightful demands of our Mayor Mr. Mudurge, who brought this issue back to the agenda. This topic is not only mine, Bolu Gündem's strong columnists have been the subject of my dear brother Kemal ALEMDAR's writing and also Mr. Şenda AKSUNGUR. Naturally, all three of us mentioned the subject within our own style and stated that Mehmet İNEGÖL should be supported. The subject mattered a lot to me. Because te Middle School ranks in geography lessons in Turkey we found the opportunity to review the map, the route will be one of the new ways it was being openly expressed that passed from Bolu. At that time we would look at these maps with very curious eyes, we would have a strange joy. It was also mentioned that the Bolu Station would be built in Karaçayır. For those who do not know the subject, I would like to present to you once again the article titled deki TREN INCOME WELCOME INCOME X in Bolu Agenda dated 18 March 2013. However, all our enthusiasm remained in our crop. Because officials and influences have announced that Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Line will reach Istanbul via Ankara-Eskisehir-Pamukova and Bilecik. Thus, it was revealed that none of our wishes in our writings were realized, and that the effective and competent elders of Bolu did not take any action before the Ministry of Transport. Mr. Mudurnu, our beloved Mayor, Mehmet İNEGÖL, has an important role in the field. What has been done about this? Have you been to Ankara? Who has been contacted in Ankara? I believe that such a project will be shorter in kilometers if it passes through Bolu. The shorter the distance, the shorter the cost of the cost would provide. The orphan Bolu province has thus missed another opportunity. What a pity!

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