Binali Yıldırım: There is no point in the car when Marmaray

Binali Yildirim: There is no point in the car when Marmaray: Minister Yıldırım, Bosphorus tour before reporters gave information about Marmaray. Yildirim said: Zeytin At the moment, a metro ride from Kartal can be uninterrupted to Zeytinburnu. That distance is 37 km. It's completely under the ground. 25 takes minutes. Kartal, Zeytinburnu'a only by making a transfer in Ayrılıkçeşme 25 minutes you can come by means of a car to come, 'he said.
Yıldırım continued his words as follows: eci You will go from Üsküdar to Sirkeci. If you still insist on going by car, then you have no right to complain at all. 3 takes minutes to Marmaray. Our view is that the line will carry 1,5 million passengers per day in its own right. Yenikapı will go to Taksim by using Unkapanı Bridge. The amount of electricity consumed by this line is below the cost of 25. “In his speech, Yıldırım made the te Üsküdar N joke that will not pass the horse but the Marmaray ticket ği.
Afterwards, the delegation boarded Marmaray and moved from Yenikapı to Üsküdar. Yildirim received information about the preparations and the opening preparations. Greeted with citizens. Yildirim, the newspaper representatives participating in the program 3 used as a gift Marmaray ticket.
Fatih and tuğra will meet
Citizens will use the 5 1 as of November. The first passengers to Marmaray will pay 1.95 TL. Incoming transfer from other systems will give 1.40 TL. Citizens who want to cross the two continents under the sea in 3 minutes will meet the Ottoman monogram and Fatih Sultan Mehmet's paintings at Yenikapı Station and the motifs of the historical monuments unearthed during the construction works. The historical artifacts uncovered in the excavations will be exhibited in a museum in Yenikapı.
The world's deepest
* Length 1.4 mileage.
* The entire passageway is below the sea floor. No contact with sea water.
* 62 is the world's deepest tube gate by meter. The nearest rival is 44 meter deep. The planned depth for the Eurasian motorway is the 108 meter.
More secure than your home against earthquakes
Yıldırım stated that no fear will be experienced in Marmaray, Yıldırım Marmaray is at the depth of 62 meters below the sea. The journey will take 3 minutes. You'il pass two words without breaking your back. There is no hardship in terms of safety. More secure than your home against the earthquake. Whichever house you live in Istanbul is better to sit down against the earthquake, ev he said.
60 meter depth souvenir
Minister Yıldırım, BUGÜN newspaper editor-in-chief Erhan Başyurt'ın with journalists 60 meter depth Marmaray wagon stopped by taking a souvenir photo.




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