Projects from Chief Inspector Uysal to fly Mersin

📩 25/11/2018 18:50

Chief Inspector will fly from Mersin to tame projects: Mersin self-important bureaucrats son of Turkey's Chief Inspector Mustafa Uysal, the AK Party Mersin Metropolitan Mayor candidate was nominated.

Uysal draws attention with idialı projects. The traffic problem of Mersin; Uysal, who plans to solve it with steps to be taken in metro, light rail system and sea transportation, is forcing dreams with the seaplane and air taxi project that will explode tourism.

Developing projects that will solve the traffic problem caused by the intense immigration wave in Mersin, Mustafa Uysal stated that he will establish similar light rail systems and subways in Izmir and Istanbul in Mersin as soon as he takes office. Uysal said, “We want to implement the Sea Plane and Air Taxi project in order to strengthen the communication and transportation system of Mersin and make it a tourism center. With this project, we want to strengthen the communication between Mersin and the surrounding districts and provinces and the ties between them and touristic centers. " said.


Emphasizing that the most important problem of Mersin is the traffic problem, Chief Inspector Uysal reminded that the people of Mersin have difficulty in traveling from home to work and from work to home. Noting that the traffic ordeal of Mersin could not be completed even though the ring roads were opened one after another, Uysal said, “If a new parallel ring road is opened, the traffic congestion will not end again. We are planning to implement similar projects of METRO - MARMARAY, İZBAN and Light Rail System in Ankara, İzmir and İstanbul in order to solve the traffic problem of Mersin. The project work of the line, which will continue from Tarsus to Anamur as a route, continues ”.

Uysal stated that other ends of the line can be extended from Antalya to Adana, Osmaniye, İskenderun, Antakya and even Gaziantep by cooperating with the municipalities in the surrounding provinces, and that they have also developed projects for sea transportation. " We are planning to make similar ferry services between Taşucu and Cyprus between Tarsus and Anamur. In this way, we aim for uninterrupted and comfortable transportation by putting modern ferries and piers transfer buses from Tarsus to the city and Adana. " used the expressions.


“Our Principle; It is the representation of each culture in Mersin in accordance with the legal regulations and conducting commercial activities without harming anybody or disturbing anyone. " Speaking as, Uysal noted that they are planning to prepare Mersin for the Dubai image, role and even more. Uysal said, “We want to increase the life quality of Mersin by opening our doors to the capital to the fullest. Our projects are crazy but unprecedented. Mersin on the support of our government, in our study we want to offer this as a model city of Turkey.


The Sea Plane and Air Taxi project will be implemented in order to strengthen Mersin 'communication and transportation system and make it a tourism center. With this project, Mersin 'environmental communication, its ties with provinces and touristic centers will be strengthened. Similar to the project was implemented by Kocaeli Municipality. "With the seaplane project, the distance between Kocaeli and Istanbul decreased from 3,5 hours to 15-20 minutes."

It is expected that Uysal will announce other projects that will make Mersin a world city in the coming days.

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