The age-old dream of the locals began to take the local tram journey (Photo Gallery)

📩 28/11/2018 15:51

The century-old dream come true started to local tram journey time: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is a century over the city located urban electric tram line in the agenda, Turkey has embarked on journey time with the first local tram. Mayor Altepe said, “Bursalılar will enjoy using these vehicles, which are the reason of choice for world cities, improve air quality and provide comfort, and exceed international standards. Alt
As the silkworm tram started its journey, the victim was killed in the main hangar in Kültürpark. At the press conference held in Kent Square after the sacrifice, Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, as well as MPs İsmet Su, Tülin Erkal Kara, İsmail Aydın, Hakan Çavuşoğlu and Bedrettin Yıldırım, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Durmazlar Machinery Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Parliament Speaker Remzi Topuk, the former Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Erdem Saker, metropolitan bureaucrats, contractors and citizens attended the contractor.
Comfortable transportation started
Mayor Altepe, who stated that they had witnessed the operation of Bursa's longing tram lines, which was planned 110 years ago and that Bursa was longing for, said, “Our citizens will now be able to travel by trams that we produce. Bursa residents will enjoy using these vehicles, which are the preferred reason of the cities of the world, improve the air quality and provide comfort, and that exceed international standards. ”
Bursa's example by producing their own vehicles to Turkey Altepe President stated that, "we will do in the beginning of the period'Artık supply our homeland, Turkey will produce their own vehicles, we also in Bursa olacak' example in this regard. And we did what we said, ”he said.
No slight hardship
Durmazlar Emphasizing that the silkworm produced by the machine has the ability to travel in all cities of the world and successfully passed all international tests, President Altepe said, “The best results were obtained from the trials lasting 2 months. Although there were problems in the vehicles we brought from abroad, there was not the slightest problem in these vehicles. It also revealed that business can be done in Turkey with the most beautiful way, "he said.
Mayor Altepe said that the silkworm tram will be available for a fee of 0.5 TL and that citizens will have the opportunity to travel comfortably at this price. They will be able to see heat and Ulucami. They will be able to watch Bursa walls, Bali Bey Inn, historical municipality and governor buildings, Bursa's streets arranged from the beginning. ”
Row on other lines
Giving information about the T-1 and T-2 lines, which are the continuation of the T-3 line, President Altepe announced that the Terminal, Yıldırım and Grasshopper lines will be commissioned as soon as possible after the T-1 line. Stating that when the tram lines are completed, all the streets of the city will be integrated with the metro and that the modern transportation systems will completely encircle Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “Then Bursa will become a truly world city, a brand city. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project; to our deputies, to our organization, to NGOs, Durmazlar company, I would like to thank our bureaucrats. ”
Next step high speed train
Durmazlar Machine Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Durmaz stated that a first was achieved in Bursa. The success shown that only belongs to Bursa, Turkey Durmaz noted that of pride, "next target, these tools only to Konya, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep not sell, Berlin, sell Chicago. And to enjoy this together as the people of Bursa, "he said. Durmaz stated that the next step is the high-speed train and that they want to produce spacecraft after the high-speed train.
Good for all of us
Reminding that the most important problem of developing and growing cities is transportation, AK Party Bursa Deputy Bedrettin Yıldırım said, “Bursa is starting a very important project for the solution of transportation problems. Good luck to all of us. ”
Deputy Hakan Çavuşoğlu stated that he was excited about the realization of the 110-year dream and said, “In Bursa, where intense migration has been experienced in recent years, urban transportation is a very important component. The importance of public transportation is once again observed by everyone. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe who signed this historical project. I think that this project of Bursa will serve as an example for other metropolises as well. ”
Member of Parliament İsmail Aydın said, “The tour of the rail system on the streets of Bursa is to be boasted for us. This incident means both increasing the air quality of the city and pulling wheeled vehicles from traffic. I congratulate everyone who contributed, and say good luck to our people. ”
Deputy Tülin Erkal Kara thanked the Mayor Recep Altepe and the representatives of the producers for their proud service.
Deputy İsmet Su, who described the project as “National”, said, “As a result of the collaboration between Bursa businessmen and the Metropolitan Municipality, such a work has emerged. Bursa auspicious to Turkey and get better, "he said.
Former Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Erdem Saker congratulated Mayor Altepe and the company officials who contributed to the project by advising Bursalılar to use tram lines and rail system.
After the speeches, members of the protocol and citizens on the separate tram ride to the city square 3, took the tour of the first passenger journey.

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