Elevator Magans

Elevator magazines: In İZMİR, the elevator of the overpass connecting the Kahramanlar and the Aegean neighborhoods was damaged again.
The elevator of the overpass, which was used by the Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN) officers, which has connected Heroes to Ege Mahallesi, used by hundreds of people to go to work every day, to shop for their daily needs and to go to school, was attacked once again. The windows of the elevator were broken and made unusable. The traces of the shoes of those who damaged the elevator appeared on the unbroken part of the glass.
Stating that the joy of repairing the elevator will not take even a day, Sebahattin Özoran, the headman of Kahramanlar Mahallesi, said, “When we arrived the next day, we saw that the windows of the elevator were broken and rendered useless. Moreover, he was kicking so hard that he did that traces of his shoes remained on the windows. The camera system must be installed on the overpass. The only way for the people of Ege Mahallesi is to cross this bridge. Among them are the elderly who went to the doctor, mothers with babies, children who went to school. They are victimized because the elevator is not working, they have to use the stairs. ” Those living in the Aegean Quarter also reacted to those who damaged the elevator.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr




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