Arafat-Mina-Muzdalifa Train Project | 20 high-speed trains to carry the pilgrims to Arafata

20 high-speed trains will carry the pilgrims to Arafata: A few days before the Feast of Sacrifice, the Saudi Arabian administration continues its work. The high-speed train, which operates within the scope of the Arafat-Mina-Muzdalifa Train Project, is ready to transport the Haci to Arafat. Built in the area between Arafat and Mina and capable of carrying 500 people per hour, the train will carry the Pilgrims staying in tents in the area close to the stations.
With the project costing 6 billion 750 million Riyals, some of the pilgrims can reach Arafat in a short time. A total of 20 high-speed trains carry Pilgrims at a speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Providing information about the project, which has been in service for three years, Fahd Bin Muhammed Ahmet Abu Tarbuş, General Manager of the Arafat-Mina-Muzdalifa Train Project, said that they do not give any privileges to any country among those who use the train. Stating that the Pilgrims on the train route will also benefit from this opportunity, Tarbuş noted that for example, it is not meaningful to bring the pilgrims to the north by bus and transport them by train. Hacılar stated that only Hacılar who have tents near the train can benefit from this service.
General Manager Tarbus this year to ride the train countries were listed as follows: South Asia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and from within the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and some Arab countries and some European countries with pilgrims. Noting that a train can carry 3 pilgrims, Tarbuş said that it reached Muzdalifah from Arafat in 600 minutes and from Muzdalifah to Mina in 7 minutes.

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