Antalya has a rail system if there is no speed train

Antalya's high-speed train rail system or is there: the captain of the EXPO 2016, the largest organization of which Turkey received the Secretary General Selami Gulay, has announced that it is almost impossible to grow up fast trains EXPO 2016.
Expansion of the rail system that will provide the main transportation to the EXPO area where millions of tourists are expected to arrive is plan B of the organization. Calling for the mobilization of Plan B, Gulay said that the solution is the transfer of the Metropolitan Municipality's transfer of railway system with the official application to the Ministry of Transportation.
Expressing that they have a B plan for transportation to the fairground, Gülay said, “Last year there was a law passed by the Assembly and the transfer of these rail systems to the Ministry of Transport is in question. It's the transfer of construction. If the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality applies to the Ministry of Transport, he can transfer the work to the Ministry of Transport by saying, de I am doing this job but my budget is not enough. In this direction, an information note was written by the municipality's inspection board saying, 'We want to transfer this work to the Ministry of Transportation'. We carried it to the management, we have informed the management of Mr. Minister, Biz he said.
In order to convey to the Ministry of Transport, he also made an emphasis on what he wrote for the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and added, mek If you have an official application, we should support it. Ulaştırma They said that they expected the Transport Master Plan and they would apply after that. If the Metropolitan makes such an application, we would like it. The area is very convenient for transportation. We follow this in the hands of the government, we try to realize the existing facilities will be transport by road. In this sense, we are trying to end the ring roads, Bu he said.

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