Ankaray's Labor station flooded Çankaya remained dehydrated

Ankaray's labor station flooded Çankaya remained dehydrated: the water was planned to start at midnight on the grounds that there were four different points in Ankara, a different fault was added on Konya Road.
ASKİ The water was cut off a night before due to a failure in Çankaya main water pipelines. About the work that caused Ankaray to flood the Labor station, officials said, ilgili There will be work at four points between Eskişehir Highway and Konya Highway, and this midnight water cut will be applied. However, an explosion occurred in a different main line pipe near the stop of Ankaray Emek and fed the Çankaya line. To make renovations, we cut the water. In the Çankaya region, there are no downtime related to the downtime that will be started tonight. Ç

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