Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway Costs

Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Rail Road Expropriation Fee Penalty: The saying “It Was From Bulgur In The Home On The Way To Dimyat To Rice” came true in Yozgat.
Citizens expropriated by the State Railways (DDY) did not like the cost of expropriation and gave it to the court. Citizens who dreamed of getting higher money were forced to pay lawyer and court costs when they lost the court
Ankara-Sivas high-speed high-speed line crossing Yozgat Yerköy district in the district of the DDR, the railway pass through the decay of the land parcel of the thousand 200 TL was expropriated. Citizens who did not like the cost of the expropriation of the DD gave way to the court. However, when the court decided in favor of the GDY, DDY, the lawyer and the court asked the other side of the costs of the country turned baffled.
Saray Municipality Mayor Mustafa Kilicarslan stated that in the 2011 there will be a high-speed train from the Saray town, and that the fields were expropriated by the state. Our people found this figure very inexpensive and lawyers from all sides came to the court and give this case, they said they should get more money. Our citizens also gave the court to DDY. But we lost the court. Now the high speed train from the DDY field of each of the citizens of a thousand pounds of money ranging from a thousand pounds 200 wants. So DDY wants to get back the money it gives to the citizens. Therefore, our citizens were victims and miserable. We want this penalty to be removed, our people do not have the situation to pay our people in this distress of approximately 10 people are experiencing this grievance want to resolve this grievance, "he said.
Abdullah Türkyılmaz, passing the high-speed railroad from the land, said that he divided the area of ​​the railway into two, saying, ik My whole land has become fragmented and cannot be sowed from the cultivated situation. We gave it to the court. DDY already paid us a cheap price. Now that we lost the court lawyer and the court fee he asked for a thousand lira 2 thousand pounds of money. What will we do when our land is cut out from the planted area that has become useless. They wanted five penny money back. It would be better if the state would be free to buy. Thousands of money came to pay me a thousand 300 liras.
A citizen named Osman Şahingöz stated that the high-speed train route passes through 3 pieces of land, and said, “Very valuable areas of the land have become unusable. Lawyers came from Ankara, we tried this case. kazanThey said we're okay, they said, let's get rid of your grievances, and we said okay, we took it to the court, we both came from the land and we were paid a lawyer's expense. My 40 decares of land became unusable and they paid 200 lira per decare. My 15 acres of land is gone, now they want 4 thousand lira back. We have suffered a lot, we want our grievances to be eliminated," he said.

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