3 will be in Ankara by train

📩 28/11/2018 15:52

Ankara-Istanbul will be the 3 hour by train: Following the Marmaray project, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train project will be completed in a short time. How much do these statements reflect the truth?
Or is it possible to say that from Ankara to Istanbul, the train will take 3 hour from the time it starts?
You should know. Test trips between Ankara and Istanbul will not start until the end of October, but the beginning of the 2014, the ideal speed will not be reached immediately. The speed that we call ideal speed 250 kilometers per hour. However, in the first years of XTF 3 will not be able to capture 250 mileage per hour.
The 3 end of 2015 will be an 2018 endless journey from Ankara to Pendik by high-speed train.
Because road construction has big problems yet.
The biggest problem is between Pamukova and Arifiye. Studies are far behind schedule.
The problem in Arifiye-Köseköy is less, but still. In the Köseköy-Gebze stage, the third line is suffering. 2014 is almost impossible to finish before May.
The biggest problem, however, is in the tunnel 26 I mentioned earlier. It was not possible to drill this 6 kilometer tunnel between İnönü and Vezirhan. The TBM was bogged down, and things slowed down. He even came to a standstill.
Now this route is planned to be overcome with the temporary variant line. However, these workarounds will always reduce the speed of the train. So it's easy to reach the ideal speed of the train.
We'il wait a little longer for that.
But it should be underlined that it is worth the wait.
The railways were always neglected.
Trains are the biggest luxury of public transport.
The current account deficit is the drug.
Our energy bill is over $ 60 billion dollars. 35 billion dollars of this part is used as fuel in the transportation sector.
This bill will be reduced if we use multiple and public transport vehicles.
Of course, the traffic stalk will be the drug.
I recently noted the numbers given by the Minister of Energy Taner Yildiz aside. He went to Konya by train, not by airline or road. They said that the energy cost of a person was around 1.5 TL.
So 400 is the energy cost of the train carrying people 600 TL.
If these 400 people were traveling this way by car, not by train…
4 would be a convoy of at least 100 vehicles, and the cost would suddenly increase to 15 thousand.
600 lira on one side and 15 thousand on the other side
There will be such a sharp role in the fight against the current account of the train.

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