Railways were built in Anatolia

railways that were built in Anatolia: German Spiegel due to the 125th anniversary of the start of the construction of railways in Turkey, the Germans released photographs taken during that period unearthed in Anatolia ...
In 1888, the arms dealer, German Alfred Kaulla, entered into another deal with the Ottomans. Kaulla, who had good business relations with the Ottomans, proposed to make an 1000 kilometer train to Anatolia.
Alfred Kaulla, also a banker, felt that the "sick man of the Bosphorus" needed modernization urgently and tried to convince the authorities that the railroad would be an important step in this regard.
German support for land train
At that time, the famous Orient Express ended in Istanbul. In Anatolia, there was no trace of the railway.
Kaulla found it difficult to find a German bank to finance the railway to be built in Anatolia. In the 1875, the Ottoman authorities announced that they were in financial difficulties.
He thought that investing in the Ottoman Empire would be suicidal.
However, Georg von Siemens, Chairman of Deutsche Bank, realized the geopolitical importance of Anatolia and guaranteed financing for the project.
They also asked King Bismark
But a little note: Before giving this guarantee, he wrote to Otto von Bismark, King of Germany (Prussia) at the time, and asked if they would provide such financing for such investment.
Two weeks after Otto von Bismark, the answer came: "There is no political problem for us."
Alfred Kaulla wrote in his letter dated October 4, 1988, after months of negotiations in Istanbul, "We got the whole line".
The biggest problem: Theft
Sultan 2. One of the main reasons why Abdul Hamid gave the project to the Germans is the absence of an opposition situation with the Germans at that time.
Thus, the first step was taken for the construction of total 1000 km-long railway with bridges and underpasses.
Otto Kapp in charge of construction, 1889'da addressing the biggest difficulty in construction sites are the theft.
However, despite all the problems 31 1892 km 580 km until the train line was completed. With the 44 train station, Istanbul and Ankara were connected to each other. Then, the construction of the Konya line would be started Ardından
The dream of the Germans
King 2. Wilhelm 1898 in Istanbul during his visit to Sultan 2. He told Abdülhamit about his dream of a train line from Hamburg to Basra.
His statement, "Thanks to this train line, you can control all regions better" was effective in convincing him of this project.
But the German engineers feared the Taurus and did not find this project realistic. Despite this, construction work began in 1903.
But soon 1. With the outbreak of world war, the project could not be completed. The implementation of the Istanbul Baghdad line was possible in the middle of the 1940.

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