Panic on the historic vine tram line in Germany

The panic in the historic vine tram line in Germany: The historic trench in Germany was stranded in the air.
The historic hanging tram, which is the symbol of the German city of Wuppertal, was suspended in the air as a result of the disconnection of the power cord the previous evening. Wupper River passing over the accident was worried about crashing the tram to the ground. The 78 passenger who experienced great panic was lowered down the stairs with the help of fire trucks. The main cable of the trolley, which has a high voltage electrified 100 meter length, was also disconnected from the connection points. Three vehicles were damaged and one driver was slightly injured.
Line closed to traffic
Authorities, a major disaster was returned from the threshold, he said. Initiating the investigation, the line was closed to traffic until the beginning of next week was announced. The hanging tram, which is included in the historical artifact category in 1997, is under protection. Suspended trams running on the 13.3-kilometer-long line carry 85 thousand passengers a day. The tram line has been restored in the past few years by spending a thousand Euro.
5 was dead
It's not the first accident of a trolley. In 1999, the tram fell from the height of the 10 to the Wupper River. 5 people lost their lives in the accident, 50 people were injured.

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