Alanya-Antalya No Rail System Project

No Alanya-Antalya Rail System Project: Türel, who said there is no work on the Alanya-Antalya Rail Train, said, “Anadolu Jet is planning for the Ankara-connected Gazipaşa flight”.
Stating that there is no work on the Antalya-Alanya Rail System Project, Türel said, “We learn from the media that this type of work is available, but when we search for its source, we cannot find it. These rumors increase the expectation, we do not have such a study. ” Türel said that there are bomb decisions for Antalya-Alanya transportation and that Prime Minister Erdogan will explain these issues ahead of us.
Stating that there are surprise bomb decisions not far from Antalya-Alanya transportation, Türel said, “There will be developments beyond your expectations that will please you. These decisions are explained by our Prime Minister. And our quest for solving the important issue of this region is about to end. Many issues related to bomb decisions have been overcome. This will be on the agenda as a good news. ”
Stating that there is news that the Rail System has started between Alanya and Antalya from time to time, Türel said, “They say that the Alanya-Antalya Rail System is starting, who said, who is the source, but there is nobody in the middle. Such rumors raise expectations. We do not have any work on the Rail System. It is disappointing in public because there is no such work. ”

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  1. Menderes Türelin doesn't know anything. And I live as a politician. With the Eskişehir-Antalya route, Kayseri-Konya-Manavgat-Antalya and Alanya-Manavgat line were determined separately. Of course, the mayor is a high school graduate.