AK Party Provincial Chairman Kılıç Palandoken Investigated the Logistics Village Construction Area (Photo Gallery)

Erzurum AK Party Provincial Chairman Murat Kılıç visited Palandöken Logistics Village and made observations.

Sword Logistics stating that the village made a covered area of ​​12 thousand square meters, not only in Turkey, Ankara, Halkalı and said there is a logistics village in Samsun. 4. Explaining that the logistics village will be established in Erzurum, Mayor Kılıç said, “The logistic villages make important contributions to the economic development of their environment. The logistic village was an investment that everyone wanted. In this way, Erzurum got a very good investment. With the storage center built here, the use of manufacturers and industrialists in Erzurum will make a great contribution to our traders. The particularity of this area is that it is close to the railways. I believe that Erzurum will develop and develop in a short time together with the logistics center. ”

Kılıç, who was in the logistics center, gave information about the works by accompanying the State Railways Erzurum Operations Manager Yunus Yeşilyurt and the Site Chief Hamit Kuzucu.



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