Tram to Historic Street in Adana

Tramway to Historic Street in Adana: Zihni Aldırmaz, Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality who supervises the ongoing restoration works on Alimünif Yeğenağa Street, which is known as the oldest commercial center of Adana, and said “ it gives us enthusiasm to be behind us ”.
Aldırmaz inspected the works on Alimünif Street on-site as the restoration works called "Street rehabilitation" were approaching to the end.
With the restoration teams working in the historical trade center sohbet Aldırmaz said that the interest shown to him by the tradesmen in particular was an indication of how correct and accurate their service was. The street tradesman, who said that Aldırmaz, who defended the history of the city, made a great work, said, "History does not forget, and we do not forget this service of Mr. Aldırmaz".
Noting that a history will come to life again in Adana when the restoration work is completed, ında When the restoration work is completed, we will close Alimünif Street to public transport. This will be both a trade center and a touristic place visited by people coming from outside the city. We will make this area a very lively center by offering tram service especially for people who want to come here for touristic purposes. This service suits Adana, my fellow countrymen deserve the best of everything ”.

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