The establishment of Trabzona Logistics Center is inevitable

It is inevitable to establish a Trabzona Logistics Center: Failure to take the expected steps regarding the Logistics Center, which has been on the agenda for the last 3-4 years in Trabzon, the fact that the Logistics Center cannot be implemented, there are still discussions about the place, is this investment also a dream? brings along comments. Even in the city, there is still not a complete unity about the Logistics Center, while some people consider the Logistics Center unnecessary, some people argue that the Logistics Center will add a lot to Trabzon.
There is also debate among those who want the Logistics Center to be established. That is the discussion of place. The other doesn't want where one defends. This cannot bring the Logistics Center beyond shallow discussions, and is a waste of time.
So, what is the Logistics Center that is so emphasized? What is its function? What is the city and region in which it is located? kazannag? Let's take a look at these, first of all, the Logistics Center is defined as “”, which defines a specific region where all activities related to transportation, logistics and goods distribution, both national and international, are carried out by various operators. Transport in logistics centers focuses on intermodal activities and logistics activities, and these centers are usually selected from regions outside the metropolitan areas, close to different types of transport connections. Operators carrying out activities related to transportation and logistics in these centers may be the owners or tenants of the constructed buildings. In addition, in line with the rules of free competition, it is envisaged that a logistics center should enable each company to engage in all relevant activities and be equipped with all public facilities necessary for the realization of these transactions. “
Potential benefits to be achieved with the establishment of the Logistics Center are:
Product traffic flow optimization,
Encourage and increase the use of combined transport,
Improvement of container loading and unloading activities,
Decreasing the circulation of trucks and heavy trucks, increasing the railway transportation,
Ensuring that companies benefiting from logistics center respond more quickly to the needs of their consumers,
Reduction of operating costs of users,
Logistic center infrastructure has an important role in regional development,
Implementation of environmental regulations and requirements through the establishment of logistics centers,
Possibility for connection to air, land, rail and maritime transport centers,
Potential benefit of value-added activities related to distribution, such as cross-docking, consolidation,
Creating a platform for companies to increase control over their distribution channels,
Ensuring the flexibility of supply chain operations for firms,
Enables companies to expand their capacity
The logistics center with its description and benefits is briefly mentioned above. It is inevitable to establish a Logistics Center in Trabzon with its benefits and benefits.
Regarding the Logistics Center, action must be taken urgently, because a lot of time has been lost. Our Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Erdoğan Bayraktar, should now ensure that more decisive steps are taken in this regard. It should put its weight. In the recent statements of our dear minister, I seem to observe a discouragement. It is reflected in his words as if it was disappointing for Mr Bayraktar that he did not realize many projects he wanted to do, which he thought to implement in Trabzon, during his 2,5-year ministry.
For the Logistics Center, the dynamics of the city should come together under the leadership of Minister Bayraktar and ensure that concrete steps are taken regarding the Logistics Center. Otherwise, the Logistics Center, which has been spoken in Trabzon for years, will not go beyond talks and discussions.
On the other hand, it should not be overlooked, as the central government is considering the partnership of Trabzon -Rize as regards the Logistics Center.
As I wrote at the beginning, shallow discussions about the Logistics Center should be put aside and concrete steps should be taken. These shallow discussions will cost the Logistics Center not to be established in Trabzon. Therefore, serious steps must be taken now. Let me state that if the Logistics Center will not be established in Trabzon, this should be clearly stated. Trabzon should not linger on this issue.
NOTE: Information on the definition and benefits of the Logistics Center is taken from the Izmir Chamber of Commerce.

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