Turkey, Loved the Diesel Train Set

Turkey, Diesel Train Set the Loved: The first diesel train sets which provide a comfortable and fast transportation produced in TÜVASAŞ in Turkey, citizens' interest görüyor- Currently Mersin-Adana and operated diesel train sets between Izmir and Denizli, using a large number of citizens each day - can be per hour to 160 kph, seating and toilet structure, the diesel train sets, providing convenient transportation also disabled, every day, many citizens of taşıyor.- TÜVASAŞ Deputy Director General Koksal: - "a very important move for rail transportation in Turkey this . The comfortable and fast transportation we provide with diesel train sets increases the interest in railway transportation.
first in Turkey Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) produced diesel train sets, which provide quick and comfortable transportation, he sees the interest of citizens.
Each passing day increases the density of traffic in Turkey is increasing interest in the railway lines of traffic problems are not experienced. Diesel train sets produced in the factory in Sakarya are also appreciated by the citizens on the lines they operate. The diesel train sets, which can reach a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and provide easy access to the disabled thanks to their seating arrangement and toilet structure, carry a large number of citizens every day.
TÜVASAŞ Executive Vice President Turgut Köksal, AA correspondent, said the production of new generation diesel train sets continue.
Stating that they have received 24 sets of orders from TCDD, Köksal explained that they are currently preparing to deliver the 21st set and that they will complete the rest of the order by the beginning of the year.
Pointing out that diesel train sets are thought of as multi-purpose, Köksal said, “There is a seating arrangement and toilet structure that will appeal to the disabled. It has a structure suitable for a speed of 160 kilometers per hour. He is currently working between Izmir-Denizli and Adana-Mersin. Our citizens using the sets are very satisfied and we receive very positive demands, ”he said.
Köksal said, "These sets are used in the lines needed by TCDD," and completed his words as follows:
“Especially the flooded sets provide a very convenient transportation. Citizen satisfaction is very high. Survey studies are also carried out on this and very good results have been obtained. These train sets were made by a Turkish engineer and worker. We are very proud of this.
This is a very important move for rail transport in Turkey. The comfortable and fast transportation we provide with diesel train sets increases the interest in railway transportation. People enjoy getting to where they want quickly, comfortably and without traffic problems. This situation is a source of happiness for us.

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