During the Marmaray work, the work machine detonated the main water pipe (Video)

During the Marmaray works, the construction machine exploded the main water pipe: During the work carried out in Pendik last Saturday within the scope of the Marmaray project, a construction machine exploded the main water pipe belonging to İSKİ. Panic was experienced in the neighborhood due to water gushing with great pressure. Citizens in the neighborhood started to flee left and right. The pressurized water rose across the working area to the top floor of the 4-storey building. While the puddles were formed due to the running water, the drivers driving on the street had a hard time. The inside of the building was filled with water due to the pressurized water. Compulsive water broke through the windows of the apartments in the building. Most of the household items have become unusable. A large amount of material damage also occurred in the workplaces located at the entrance of the building. The electrical installations in the building were damaged. Although 2 days have passed, the wetness on the exterior of the building draws attention. Erkan Çetin, who is the workplace at the entrance of the building, said, “The water that gushed in a very big way came directly to the building. All the apartments in the building and our shops are in the water. It took about 40 minutes. Material damage occurred in my workplace and on a large scale. The authorities came and said they would compensate our losses. ”
A citizen sitting on the 3rd floor of the building, stating that all his belongings have become unusable, said, “The water was very strong, our glass was broken and the house was filled with water. All the items got wet. ”
It was viewed by mobile citizens in the surrounding environment. The water sprayed in the images rises up to the top floor of the building. The flowing water is on the street, and the vehicles are struggling on the street.



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