Opening with Cisr-i Enbubi to Marmaraya

Opening to Marmaray with Cisr-i Enbubi: With the opening of the "project of the century" Marmaray, which has started to count down, Sultan Abdülhamit's dream of connecting the Bosphorus under the sea will also come true.
The documentary about "Cisr-i Enbubi", which Abdulhamid worked hard to make and is among the first tube parade projects in the world, is also planned to be shown at the opening ceremony of Marmaray.
Metin Hülagü, the President of the Turkish Historical Society, who prepared the documentary, stated that one of the most striking projects designed during the Ottoman Empire period was the Cisr-i Enbubi (tube passage). they got up. This means that the Ottoman sultans followed technology closely, were open to innovations, and thought about the development and prosperity of their country. "
Hülagü also said that he was thinking that one of the bridges to be built on the Bosphorus should be named “Hamidiye”, “Because Sultan Abdülhamid, who wanted to build the first bridge on the Bosphorus and prepared the first project. We named the bridges as Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yavuz Sultan Selim, but neither Fatih nor Yavuz have much to do with the Bosphorus or the bridge. But Abdulhamid has such an initiative, and courtesy, a next bridge can be named after him ”.
At the opening ceremony of Marmaray, "Cisr-i Enbubi" and the dream of uniting the two continents under the sea will be told with the documentary prepared by TTK.
Prerault's Cisr-i Enbubi project (submarine steel tunnel), which was presented to Sultan Abdülhamid in 1860, was intended to unite Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations, and a few seals could not be revised. In addition to the important transportation projects in the Ottoman Empire, Preault's tube pass proposal, contract text and details will be shown in XNUMXD.
Marmaray, one of the most important transportation projects in the world, will be operational on October 29, with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as a high-capacity railway infrastructure project designed to increase the quality of Istanbul's urban life and preserve the city's natural historical features.

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