5 is not Besiktas in minutes 4 Europe-Asia in minutes

5 is not Besiktas in minutes 4 in minutes Europe-Asia: Üsküdar-Sirkeci Marmaray'la from now on 4 minutes.
We used to call it '5 in minutes'.
Now we will say '4 Europe / Asia per minute'.
On Sunday, I personally visited Marmaray with journalist friends at the invitation of Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım.
I talked to experts a long time la
Today, the republic 90. has an official opening on the anniversary.
I can say this easily: a project to be proud in every respect.
But I know some of them will open up against the project just because it opens in the AK Party government, mud will throw.
However, Binali Yildirim insisted in his presentation to us on Sunday and that this project did not start with the AK Party, 2 from Abdülmecit. He told Abdul Hamid that it was a hundred years' dream.
He further stated that while the AK Party had no A, feasibility studies were carried out on 1970s and 1990s, and that all kinds of legal infrastructure and consultancy files were prepared in 1995.
Gerçekleştir We dreamed of the people before us, we prepared the infrastructure we realized, “he said.
He ignored the past Geç
On the contrary, he was very lenient.
He called the director of the museum from his engineer to the stage and had the rightful pride of a hundred years' dream that he put into practice with a thousand difficulties.
He gave a clear answer to every question.
First, the risk of earthquake En
Both the Minister and the experts said that the 9 of the tube passageway is earthquake resistant so it is possible that the most secure place in Istanbul during the Marmara earthquake is the tube walkway.
The release of the guillotines on the two sides against flood risk is explained in detail.
1.5 contributes to the traffic of Marmaray with the capacity of a million passengers.
Then, together with Yenikapı, we went to the subway before Sirkeci and then Üsküdar.
I lived in Üsküdar for years.
I would have dreamed of such a fast and comfortable journey (as someone who used the Channel Tunnel).
I am no longer living in Üsküdar but as a citizen living in Istanbul, I saw a dream come true for us all together with Marmaray.
Because two continents do not come together with Marmaray Istanbul for the first time from Gebze Halkalıis getting an integrated public transport system.
We can get angry about this power as we want, 3 for cutting wood because it gives priority to vehicle traffic instead of public transport. we can even criticize the bridge, but I don't understand how to be against a very safe and high-tech public transport project such as Marmaray, and the sludge throwing more projects.
Criticism and recommendation should of course be E
But the first day of the TMMOB Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board Secretary Suleyman Solmaz'ın man tear water tunnel when the tear, there is a measure for it. Don't ride it lam with what we'll explain.
He has no idea of ​​guillotine evacuation nor of measures taken against tearing.
Interestingly, that wasn't his idea!
One of his colleagues said ”Don't ride ey Bir
I am not kidding.
He said in a press conference the day before the opening of a colleague from the opening, "This is a murder Do not ride," he says.
If the secretary of a professional organization does this, you can think of the rest!
You know, Einstein says H
Ur It is hard to break prejudices, to break up the atom y
90 years of experience in our republic and democracy Although still seems to lay rails between the political poles in Turkey, 'pierced the bottom of the throat lining from the rail, more difficult to unite the continents ...
Today is our republic 90. birthday…
Marmaray 100 was an annual dream Marmar
In order for the opposition to come together on a day like this, the 190 of the republic. wait for your birthday?
We crossed the continents al
Are we going to dream of an 100 year to overcome the polarization?

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