3. airport will be held even though the birds are on the paths

  1. The airport will be held on bird paths though: 3 even if the bird migrates its migration routes. Kadir Topbas, indicating that the need for the airport, Harem bus station also announced that they are working to remove
    Speaking to the press members after the introductory meeting of Vodafone Istanbul Marathon at Basketmakers' Pavilion, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş reminded the troubles at Esenler Bus Station during the festival and said, “It is necessary to think about the date it was built. The bus station in Istanbul is a bus station built in 6 million (population). This bus station is not enough for today's city. In fact, we have determined new areas, especially pocket bus stations, which we envision in the transportation master plans. We are working on the removal of the Harem and the pressure exerted by the urban density. "The operation of the bus station is not in our municipality, we do not have a contribution there because it is awarded by tender".
    'We opened the pouch for the metro'
    Explaining that they started a metro mobilization, Topbaş said, “The first problem of all cities in the world is mobility. So the problem with transportation. All cities are trying to solve this. We have devoted most of our investments to transportation. We opened the mouth of the pouch about the subways at first. When you say the subway, the flowing waters stop. We directed all our investments to the metro. "We have a kind of work that we can call mobilization."
    'We will do it even if the birds are migrating'
  2. Responding to the concerns that the airport will be built on bird paths, Topbaş said, “When we say on the bird road, we look from a single point. Turkey's found that moderate climate and geography position as the focal point in many climates. It is true that it is a transition point. Air currents have migration routes, these are a fact. We also have bird watching towers in Çamlıca. You have to do this if you have to. If there is no other way. This is inevitable, it will be done ”he said.
    '3. the bridge is the greatest gift to the Republic '
    29 Topbaş who answered the questions about Marmaray to be opened in October, stated that the line will start operations between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme. Topbas, the passengers will come to these points by bus systems will be transferred. Topbaş gave the following statements in his speech:
    “I especially thank our Prime Minister. It is a project that unites the continents we call the project of the century. This is an important project. This is a big job. An important contribution to the city. I believe that while a transportation axis is formed from the east to the farthest, it will reduce the density on bridges somewhat due to the capacity of 150 thousand passengers per hour in urban transportation. We need such transitions for the increased mobility in the city. The rail system on the 3rd bridge will be activated in the future. I think of this project as the greatest gift to the Republic. "
    'We will reduce individual vehicle use'
  3. Noting that bridge and airport projects are the product of need, Topbaş completed his words as follows: “It is mentioned that the world population will move towards 7, 9 billion. The whole world is experiencing this. In order for cities to have a more comfortable life in this density, administrators should also take some steps. In the past, the first bridge was built and opposed. Maybe it would be more comfortable if they both started together. It is not done so that we can build a bridge while standing still. If there is a need, you do it. Hayati Tabanlıoğlu, who built the Atatürk airport, was my project teacher. When we went to visit him in the 73's, when he told us that it was an airport with a capacity of 3 million, this is the city of 2.5 million. When we say 3 million, it approached 40 million today and it was not enough. Today we call it an airport of one hundred million. Afaki is coming, but maybe not enough in the future. These projects are important projects that will make urban life easier. The right projects have to be done. As the daily mobility continues with individual vehicles, the chaos in this traffic continues. The solution for this is subway. If you make public transportation comfortable, people will not use individual vehicles. The world is like this now. Like this in Paris, like this in Barcelona. People thank you on the subway lines we opened.

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