Press Conference of 2014 FIATA World Congress

2014 FIATA World Congress Press Presentation Meeting was held: 13-18 October 2014 is the world's largest logistics organization to be held in Istanbul 2014
Istanbul FIATA World Congress, press conference was held in UTIKAD. 12 will be held at the Bomonti Hotel and Conference Center, which is hosted by UTIKAD for the second time and one of the largest 10 city hotels in Europe. foreign participants are expected.
'Sustainable Growth in Logistics' - the theme of isi Sustainable Growth in Logistics olmak will be held in Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Russia, Caucasus, China, Asia and other countries. production and distribution base 'be prepared to get to know Turkey's logistics potential and will come to Istanbul in order to provide new cooperation opportunities.
UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin, who gave information about the congress at the 'FIATA 2014 İstanbul' promotion meeting, underlined that the congress, which was hosted by UTIKAD in the first year of 2002, was accepted as one of the most successful congresses in the history of FIATA and the 2014 World Congress was congresses in the making of one of the noted. Erkeskin, "UTIKAD as the 'City of Congress' worthy of Istanbul, a real world congress we want to perform," he said.
Stating that the Congress had attended flag of surrender in order to get in October 2013 FIATA World Congress in Singapore and attracted great interest by the participants of UTIKAD booth during the congress Turgut Erkeskin, 'East of the West, the West's most eastern' we have described as Turkey; With its air, land sea links and potential, it attracts the attention not only of Europe but also of Asia, Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East and Africa. The congress in Singapore, positive reaction from Turkey and attention made us very hopeful. We have received invitations from many countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia and China who want to know our country and our sector closely and cooperate. Russia, Ukraine and African representatives, are exploring opportunity to work with Turkey and they want to recognize our industry. The European countries are watching the growing investment opportunities in Turkey. Introducing this potential to the world and creating the potential of big projects for transportation infrastructure in our country.
we see it as an important opportunity to integrate our sector into the world.
Turkey and the Turkish logistics sector for a Congress in the world take place in the logistics agenda and will contribute to increased awareness of the attention Erkeskin, he said: "Turkey is a country which became more important with the location and neighbor in logistics platform. Therefore, Turkey will play in future trade and economic role in the region is gaining more importance. Turkey today in all logistic platforms 'production, collection and distribution' is pointed out as the base. Logistics sector is a sector that provides net foreign exchange input with its potential and increasing performance. In addition to the relevant ministries, we received support from non-governmental organizations such as TOBB and ITO. "
World Logistics Federation in fıata, Multimodal Transport Institute study representing Turkey in Group A and selective in Singapore selected the FIATA Vice President of the Congress Turgut Erkeskin, the decision on this occasion will be the world's logistics market, will have a voice in Turkey and will be could affect decisions in favor of Turkey also it underlined.
UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, who pointed out to the fact that the walls of protectionism have risen all over the world after a global crisis, touched upon the problem in Bulgarian customs recently and said: de As UTİKAD, we raised this issue at the general assembly in Singapore. And the tension has increased. We criticized the lack of applications for Turkish tractor trucks. We demanded the removal of the blocking of Turkish trucks. We have criticized this approach for preventing the increase in Turkey's market share has Europe's youngest and largest land fleet. It is important to remove the obstacles faced by Turkish trucks in terms of Transport Works Organizers. And as Carriage Organizers, our priority and preference are always Turkish trucks. Her
Erkeskin, who expressed his views on the ongoing transportation projects on another question, noted that large projects such as Marmaray, Baku-Kars-Tbilisi would create new capacities for the sector, and would increase the integration of Asia and Europe and said: üzerine For example, China Europe Bir or focused on Turkey to reach the Iron Silk Road Project and chose an alternative route. Today, Turkey is spoken as the country with the highest investment in the transport infrastructure. This creates new perspectives for both inside and outside Turkey. Significant investments in air, sea, road and railroads support sustainable growth in the sector. As you know, the Ministry of Transportation organized a very important target for the year 2035 and decisions were taken by the Ministry of Transport. We will tell these goals and potential to the world logistics professionals at the congress. Hedef
Mr. Turgut Erkeskin added that UTİKAD, which has been providing sectoral vocational education services for many years in order to meet the demands of the ever-growing manpower, has been continuing its studies on program and content editing for FIATA-Diplomans Trainings, which are establishing academies and valid all over the world.
Official website of the congress at the meeting Introducing the address to the press, UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin stated that the interest of the local and foreign participants to the congress is intense. Erkeskin stated that 70 of the congress exhibition area has already been ordered, so they will request additional space from the hotel.

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