Zincirlikuyuda Metro and Metrobus merged

The Metro-Metrobus connection tunnel, which will provide a significant contribution to the development of pedestrian access and access roads in Zincirlikuyu, the heart of Istanbul, was opened by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The tunnel connecting the Gayrettepe Metro tunnel with the Zincirlikuyu Metrobus station is also connected to the Zorlu Center. The investment cost of the project was met by Zorlu Gayrimenkul. Zorlu Center will be opened with the opening of Zorlu Center.

Zorlu Property; The Residence, Performing Arts Center, shopping center, Raffles Hotel and offices that bring together five different functions of the Zorlu Center project to prepare for the opening of the transportation infrastructure in the region did not forget to improve. With the investment of Zorlu Gayrimenkul, two lifeline projects of the transportation infrastructure of Istanbul merged with Metrobus and Metro pedestrian link tunnels.

Zorlu Real Estate, which carries out its activities with a sense of responsibility to the environment and Istanbul, will be able to reach the desired point in a comfortable and safe way from the Metrobüs to the Zorlu Center as well as the connection from the Gayrettepe Metro Station to the Zincirlikuyu Metrobüs in cooperation with the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. and undertook the investment of the meter-length link tunnels and the 770 meter-long underpasses. As of September, the Metro-Metrobus connection tunnel will be opened and the tunnel that will facilitate the access of the pedestrians from Zorlu Center to Gayrettepe Metro Station and Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station will be put into use with the opening of Zorlu Center.

40 million TL investment cost challenged Real Estate

Zorlu Real Estate has invested approximately TL 10 million for connection tunnels that will benefit from the thousands of people passing through the region as well as the residential area where approximately 40 thousand people live.

Pedestrian passages in areas where traffic is dense will be controlled and secure with three underpasses with 368 meters of walking bands. 75 thousand people per day is expected to use these tunnels.

With this connection, a passenger arriving to Zincirlikuyu by using the Metrobus line; Without going to the surface and entering areas where traffic is heavy, you can reach the Gayrettepe Metro Station, Zorlu Center, Etiler participation direction or Büyükdere Street Levazım entrance by walking a shorter distance. On the other hand, passengers who want to go to the surface at the intermediate points can reach to Gayelles Street Station at approximately 150 meters from Müselles Street entrance (BEDAŞ Downloader Substation) or from the green area in front of the old Zorlu Center in the direction of Beşiktaş UM Levent. There are total 14 escalators and 6 handicapped lifts in the 7 walking belt and the surface.


Source : I www.lojiport.co

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