Without YHT

Without YHT: You will give the right to the valiant. The speedy train is the work of a prime minister, a historian and an energetic minister, a bureaucratic bureaucratic staff.
It is an indication of a civilization that emerged with a great deal. I call it sweat and grudge, because I know the decision to make YHT is not easy. Of course, a political decision had to be made to start a business on this scale, and among the priorities of the government there was no YHT. This had to be financed, because there is a need for large sources of public transport. It is not enough to have them, there are technical staff to run and manage this job.
They were all done.
YHT entered our lives silently, but a high speed in our lives. kazannagged.
This must be what they call "silent revolution".
Now see how distance-human relationships have been affected by high-speed train:
A telephone conversation between Konya and Ankara came down.
Ankara-Eskişehir between a newspaper reading time.
In the coming months, Istanbul-Ankara High Speed ​​Train services will start on October 29.
2.5 from Ankara to Istanbul will be at the time.
Izmir-Ankara, Izmir-Istanbul YHT flights will begin in the following years.
The Republic will jump one more step towards the civilization.

For High-Speed ​​Train, we said a transport vehicle that overcame the time-space-distance concepts.
As a matter of fact, the old head is radically changing its comfort.
If you ask me what the most important sign showing the difference between the old and new Turkey Turkey, shows indisputable High Speed ​​Train.
High-speed train combines Turkey.
Already, Konya, Bursa, Eskişehir, Kütahya, Afyon and Istanbul, such as cities began to integrate with each other.
After a while, İzmir and Diyarbakır will unite via YHT.
This tool is already rapidly developing and developing education, commerce and social relations.

There is another interesting development brought by the High Speed ​​Train:
In cities where the high-speed train reaches direct or indirect, there is a noticeable increase in art events.
In front of the museums, visitor queues are formed.
These museums used to fly flies.
A researcher recently published a book investigating the effects of YHT on the economy.
For example, a researcher should also study the art movement in High Speed ​​Train lines.
I'm sure there will be a lot of striking results.
As a result, we love the high-speed train and we can't do without it!

Source : www.yeniasir.com.t is

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