Domestic Tram Silkworm Under the Control of MMO


📩 24/10/2020 19:43

Domestic Tram Silkworm under the supervision of MMO: We tested the Silkworm tram on the Bursa T1 tram line with the head of the MMO Ibrahim Mart, his management and a large press army. We stopped and got up on all steep slopes. We made sudden brakes downhill due to the van that suddenly stopped downhill in front of us. The silkworm tram car successfully climbed the slopes with a single engine with a load of about 17 tons.

The biggest problem was the vehicles parked on the road! Two escort policemen drew 1 vehicles parked on the tram line on our tow truck, which departed just minutes before 3!

For the T1 tram, which is planned to commence flights next month, we will have to go further in terms of right lane parking and lowering passengers !!!

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