We will not leave Haydarpaşa

We Will Not Leave Haydarpasa: Haydarpaşa Solidarity has come together every Sunday for 85 weeks and says “Haydarpaşa is not alone”, “The train is ours, the station is ours”.

This staircase carried many people's footprints over the years, the first stop of those who come to Istanbul, tourists' favorite, bride and groom is one of the first places to take pictures. These stairs are protected by 21 for those who react to the privatization of Haydarpaşa. Every Thursday and Sunday, they wait for an hour as Haydarpaşa Solidarity: Dayan We never left these stairs. Haydarpaşa is not alone. Hayd

We spoke with Ayşen Dönmez, a railway retired. Dönmez worked in this building for six years. Or The interior plan is not suitable for a hotel, “he says.

Dönmez explains his commencement of his efforts to protect Haydarpaşa: X Since the year 2003 came to power, the AKP government has an understanding that specializes in public spaces and service areas in the form of plots. In February 2012 they cut the connection between Istanbul and Anatolia. They removed the major regional trains from the expedition. Again last year, they removed the suburban trains from the expedition. They see this as a plot, but this is one of the most beautiful stations in the world. Onlar
First degree historical monument

Haydarpaşa Solidarity 85 every week on Sunday at 13-14 Haydarpaşa Train Station is sitting on the stairs. 20-21 65 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

Ze We know that before the construction of these projects Gebze- Marmaray Project will be realized.Halkalı We have applied to UNESCO for the railway to be declared an industrial and cultural heritage. Later, we registered this building as a first degree historical monument. This was something very important. After we made this registration, the railway administration filed a lawsuit for the cancellation of the site decision. We also have this case kazansteep. This was achieved through the struggle of solidarity. “

”Istanbul could not lift the Olympiad“

“They wanted to use the Haydarpaşa station area for show at the Olympics. The Minister of Youth and Sports came; We did not know anything about these projects. The Olympics was something that Turkey did not need. Tokyo last night kazanWe were happy at the expense. Istanbul could not afford it.”

It also meets the idea of ​​using the building as a museum. Lar They already exist in Sirkeci, irk they say. They embed the full functioning of the station under their opposition to the idea of ​​a museum. Because Haydarpasa is a living, functioning building. 124 train was leaving the day when he was working. They say that the ferry flights to Haydarpaşa were also tried to be removed and this was the move to disarm the building.
”Weapon of privatization: To kill for persuasion“

The Haydarpaşa Solidarity states that the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) have been established as a service-oriented and not-for-profit institution, which is in the Foundation Law. However, with the amendments made in the 233 and some other decree laws, the amendments made in 1984 with the 5335 Decree Law No. 2005 on the State Economic Enterprises are said to have created the impression that TCDD is a company that seems to be hurting. The goal is to persuade the public to privatize: silah The most important weapon of privatization is to show it as if it was in harm. Amaç
"There are reports to privatize railways"

Ayşen Dönmez also gives details on this subject: “Three reports have been made abroad to privatize railways. The first is the 1945 Hilts Report, the second is the Booz Allen & Hawilton report in 1995, and the third is the CANAC report in 2005. The most implemented of these three reports are Booz Allen and CANAC. One is about the business and the other is about personnel policies. The Hilts report was not taken seriously at that time. However, other reports were effective in privatization policies.

Var For example, in one of the reports, ler Remove the non-profit trains from the expeditions, instead of the prestige trains working in the big cities inde there is a substance. This is the basis of the fast train now. 2004 22 July in Pamukova'daki accident was due to the rehearsal of this high-speed train.

A metropolitan city like Istanbul deprived the railway.

Source : www.bianet.org

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