We have to make you metrobus

We have to you Metrobus: If there is anything worse than going to work with Metrobus, it is also to return home with BRT. When you're stuck in traffic with your private car, you're looking at the metrobus passing by the road that was divided in the middle of the road and saying, un Now you had to be in it Özel. But when you get on the metrobus and look out of the glass and get angry with your fate, you think, ben Why don't I go home in a clean environment with my car? Ama Metrobus, which even sought the zorlu fish sequence tı during the round-trip and return times, was built as a remedy for transportation difficulties in Istanbul.

Get ready for handmade

However, Istanbul's 15 million, the population of the city's suburbs, the temporary removal of trains, a good vehicle for me, according to the metrobus has become a problem over time. It's not enough to ride once to understand that. Because at what time of day you ride on the metrobus. Therefore, it can not be understood without metrobüs. The problems arise from businesses and passengers. We need to start with the stops.

A vehicle from Zincirlikuyu is full of Mecidiyeköy, the first stop. No one comes down when the door opens. Pushing one or two other people into your vehicle. A few metrobus full of people at the stall you've been in the car you're in the stall is not given anywhere in the car. These loaded vehicles do not receive passengers from the stations like Çağlayan and Okmeydanı. That's why they're at the remote point of the stop. They're just downloading here. At these stops, people stand firmly in their destiny.

Of course, they get angry, if they get on the car with the occupants of the body discusses with the movement of the body. Let's get in the car. The second screen starts. I'm telling you, we're not, or we're not. Of course you are worthy of someone. My advice to those who are afraid to be misunderstood is to keep both hands up. Some passengers can't even smell the sweat. You need to ride the metrobus to understand what the journey to the nose is not.

Neck Oblique

Don't be surprised if you don't find anyone reading newspapers and books during the short journey. Because congestion makes it difficult to read newspapers. The number of people I have seen while reading a book on the metrobus so far does not exceed 10. Do not be surprised and react if you see people sitting cross-legged with their shoes on high places where bags and suitcases are placed. When you get on the metrobus, you will see that most of them bow their neck and look in front of you; know that they are on mobile phones or via Whatsapp sohbet He is either reading the twitter messages, playing a game or watching a TV series.

That ride does not pass otherwise. It is indispensable for public transport and political debate is never done. Because the nerves are very tense. If you travel during those crowded hours, you have taken the journey between 30 minutes and 1 hours without talking to anyone who has gone to your skin or sweat because you are firmly adhered to, or who is on your neck.

Metrobüs are mostly people in the middle and lower income groups, workers, civil servants, students, pensioners, unemployed young people who are trying to reach the city center. There are also occasional exceptions met Tugba Melis Turk, who was the winner of the Best Model of Turkey contest in 2011 and played in many TV shows, was riding to Metrobus on her way from work at her home in Bakırköy.

Other passengers who know him immediately hug their mobile phones and take pictures together. But no matter what, the metrobus is an important means of transportation in the traffic of Istanbul. How nice if this article would have a little help in overcoming the problems ...

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