Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro Station

Target in Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro: The second metro line of the Anatolian Side, Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro, is aimed to be put into service in 2015 in line with the instructions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş.

Approaching the end of the tunnel excavations, concrete tunnels of the tunnel tunnels began to work.

Target in Üsküdar-Sancaktepe Metro: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues its rail system works, which offer safe and comfortable travel, without slowing down. Work on the second metro line of the Anatolian Side, Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe Metro, continues 1800 hours with a team of 24 people. The tunnel excavations have come to an end within the scope of the continuous work that continues 25-30 meters below the ground. The line, which is planned to be completed in 38 months, is also the fastest metro in the world.

In the project, the concrete coating works of the subway tunnels of subway stations started. The concrete tunneling works, which start from Yamanevler Station, start at all stations simultaneously. In concrete molds made as 12 meters, 20 tons of iron and 100 cubic meters of concrete are used. The works at the stations are planned to be completed in 1 year.

When the project is completed, a passenger who takes the metro from Sancaktepe will be able to reach Ümraniye in 12,5 minutes, Üsküdar in 24 minutes, Yenikapı in 36 minutes, Taksim in 44 minutes, Hacıosman in 68 minutes, and Atatürk Airport in 71 minutes. The 16-kilometer metro line, which will connect Üsküdar, Çekmeköy, Sancaktepe districts with 20 stations, will be extended to Sabiha Gökçen Airport via Taşdelen and Sultanbeyli.

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