Oman accelerated national railway project

Oman accelerated the national railway project: It was reported that one of the Gulf countries, Oman decided to accelerate the national railway project and complete it in a single phase instead of three phases.

According to the Times of Oman newspaper, the government has reached the final stage to appoint an administrative advisor to the transportation project. Mohammed El Futeysi, the transport and communications minister of Oman, said that they are still evaluating the bids and will forward their recommendations to the tender commission by the end of the month. The official stated that they accelerated the project and invited the private sector to take part in the project. According to the sources, the length of the railway project that will travel the whole country will reach 2 thousand 244 km and will cost 15,5 billion dollars. The first tender for the railway network will be awarded at the end of 2014, and part of the railway will be ready for use by 2018. In addition, there will be 30 small, 10 intermediate and 6 large stations and 8 maintenance areas in the railway network. The newly established Oman Railway Company under the Ministry of Transport and Communications will be responsible for the whole project.

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