New ropeway construction in Uludag stopped skiing season

The new cable car being stopped in Uludağ is not enjoying the ski season: Uludağ, which we remember with the ski scenes from the old Turkish films, is also troubled by this season.

In recent years, due to shortages in the upper and lower structure and lack of access to ski lovers because of the lack of transportation for the life of Uludag, which is important for the cable car project judicial decision has broken all plans. As soon as the hotels in the area and carrying out the project that will reach in confidence Ropeway Inc. Chairman of the Board and Leitner Turkey and the Near East Director Ilker line they plan to open service in Cumbul christmas experienced the sadness of stopping the basis of false information, he said. All over the world ropeway, voicing the construction of Cumbul, for safety reasons, the trees under the line is required to be cut, he said. Recep Altepe the part of the line up to Sarıalana 29 service will be opened in October.

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