Two suburban trains collide in Barcelona

Two suburban trains collided in Barcelona: The news reported by the AP Agency said that at least two 22 people were injured in the accident as a result of the collision of two suburban trains at Barcelona's Sants station.

The trains are owned by the representative of the RENFE Railway Company, where one of the trains is still unknown, the station is waiting to hit another train waiting for the accident occurred in the morning hours of the local time 10: 00 waters.

Although a large-scale study was carried out by experts in order to clarify the cause of the accident, exactly what caused the accident has yet to be clearly identified.

25 78 was killed in July when a high-speed passenger train derailed in Galicia, Spain. The catastrophic accident was caused by the mistake of the mechanic who entered the dangerous bend much faster than it should have been.

Source : the turkish.ruvr.r



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