Action in front of Tüvasaş

Tüvasas Front Action: located in Sakarya, Turkey Wagon Industry Co. (TÜVASAŞ) in front of the Kor TUVASAS is going hand in hand Kalkan action to the Chairman of the Turkish Transportation Sen President of the Branch, Ömür Kalkan, Vice President Cihat Koray and Union Branch Chairman attended.

Turkish Transportation speaking as related to the action that occurs You Sakarya branch president of the Life Shield, "1 May 2013 history in Turkey Railway About Liberalization of Transportation in 6461 numbered by the laws of our parent company that TCDD and thus TÜVASAŞ the public service to the task of ending, purposeful profit based on market terms and conditions Ömür Kalkan, who claimed to have been transformed into an organization, said, üretim These are the result of the promise of AB State Wagon and Locomotive production will be withdrawn Ulusal in the National Program presented to the EU in 2008. In the coming 10 year, mention of an investment of 100 billion in the rail transport sector and the opening of tenders for the purchase of high-speed train sets for 6,5 Billion dollars have fueled the global powers in the world's wagon market. In this market, TÜVASAŞ is aware of the fact that passenger cars cannot determine their prices alone.

In order for the organization to be healthy and to make decisions, it is known that there is a need for at least 3 board members. According to the Article of the chairman of the General Manager and the chairman of the board should be composed of 233 members. However, until 6 May 4 date, the number of TUVASAS board members was 08. After this date, a member of the Board of Directors resigned and TÜVASAŞ remained unmanaged. The last remaining member of the board of directors, except for the General Manager, resigned from his position on 2013 and at the moment he was obliged to appoint at least one 3 board member. Genel

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