Turkey's Speed ​​Rail Revolution (BBC World News Video Special News)

Levent Özen with the BBC
Levent Özen with the BBC

Turkey's Speed ​​Rail Revolution: BBC World News program for Turkey's railway revolution taken special notice was taken by Jeremy Howell. DTD head İbrahim Öz, Durmazlar CEO Hüseyin Durmaz and RayHaber concessionaire Levent Özen was a guest.

In the news, the liberalization of railways, the production of private trams and the future of TCDD are discussed. renewal in the 150-year history of the railways and the pulling speed train crossing the BBC's attention, 'the Republic of Turkey Railway Revolution' was called TCDD ...

Evaluating the failure of liberalization in the UK Levent Özen, Unlike Turkey would not be a problem related to liberalize passenger transport belitti will increase the speed of trains.



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