TULOMSAS worker wants to make trams

TÜLOMSAŞ worker aspires to build a tram: Ayhan Karavil, Head of Railroad-İş Eskişehir Branch, stated that TÜLOMSAŞ has been the locomotive of the sector in its field for more than a century and said, "TÜLOMSAŞ workers aspire to build a tram." said.

Ayhan Karavil, in his written statement, TULOMSAS workers start the journey of the coal-based railway trains, today, he said, to be able to produce high-speed trains.

"When we look at the history of TÜLOMSAŞ, it is seen that it represented its mission in the best way." Karavil said, "Turkey's first indigenous car is manufactured by Revolution engineers and workers working in TÜLOMSAŞ. This revolutionary work was blocked by saying 'TÜLOMSAŞ workers cannot do it' on that day as it is today. However, today, TÜLOMSAŞ exports the world's most advanced locomotives to Europe, with its partnerships. said.

Emphasizing that TÜLOMSAŞ is a job, food, bread and hope for 10 thousand people today, Karavil, together with its sub-industry, has an iron passenger, a company employee, an ELMS member and a TÜLOMSAŞ member in every family of Eskişehir. The contractor and the pride of Eskişehir, Turkey will continue to be. We, as railroaders, believe that we will do every task assigned to us in the best way possible. In this context, we also want to build a tram. " he spoke.

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