Tülomsaş Workers Demand for YHT

Tulomsas Workers yht'y Talib: Railways Workers Union Eskisehir Branch Chairman Ayhan Karavil, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) is more than a century explaining that made the industry's lokomotiflig in their area High Speed ​​Train (YHT) said that they aspire to produce .

Karavil stated that his journeys starting with coal-land trains started to be able to produce high-speed trains today and he said that he represented his mission in the best way considering the history of TÜLOMSAŞ. Turkey's first indigenous car 'is reminiscent of the revolution produced by the engineers and workers in Tulomsas Karavil, "this revolutionary work, that day can not TULOMSAS worker as saying today is cut front. However, today, TÜLOMSAŞ exports the most advanced locomotives in the world to Europe with its partnerships. TÜLOMSAŞ 10 with its sub-industry today has been the work, ingest, bread and hope for a thousand people. Each family in Eskişehir has a railway, a company, an ELMS and a TÜLOMSAŞ. The contractor of Eskisehir in Turkey and will continue to be proud of. We believe that we will make every task given to us as the railwaymen in the best way. Biz

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