TÜDEMSAŞ 16 received workers after years

TÜDEMSAŞ 16 years later took workers: who Railways for wagon production Turkey Railway Machines Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) determined 105 pieces of metal technology technician recruitment to the examination. 1997 has not been recruited since 16.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Directorate decided to recruit workers when it had difficulty meeting the increasing demand with the enactment of the law on the privatization of Railways. Within the scope of the liberalization of the railways, with the enactment of the law that stipulates that the private sector can now transport by using the routes they will determine with their own locomotives and wagons, shipping and transportation companies started to prepare for the production of wagons. Companies knocked on the doors of companies such as TÜDEMSAŞ, which produce wagons to create their wagon fleets.

The factory, which could not find wagons for repair 10 years ago and was not allowed to produce new wagons, made a name for itself with the wagons for which it has produced data since 2003. At least 500 wagons are ordered annually from TÜDEMSAŞ. The company started to get outside support due to the shortage of workers to meet the workload. The number of workers required to be recruited to the factory increased from 60 to 105 upon the request of the general management.

In the process of purchasing through the Labor and Employment Agency, 318 people who are graduates of metal-work and metal technologies were determined. As a result of the exam made between the candidates determined by the Labor and Employment Agency 105 person and 105 person was determined as a substitute. After the official documents are completed, the workers are scheduled to start work for one week.

The company that bought 1997 in 450 last year, had not recruited any more workers during the last period.

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